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Today I watched My friend Joe. I was very curious to see how they had adapted the novel (incidentally called Johnny, my friend in English) for the screen. Of course I had realised that Peter Pohl's brilliant writing style would be lost, but I was dismayed to find they had changed the whole story around as well, turning it into a fairly harmless family movie. It is a good enough story in its own right, I suppose, but it cannot hold a candle to the original. Shame.

This afternoon I cleaned the bathroom. Applying a cleaning tip I had seen in Houses behaving badly, I mixed equal parts of baking soda and bleach to clean the tiles in the shower, more in particular the grouting. Gawd, that stuff is vile! Not only did the smell transport me back straightaway to my schooldays swimming lessons (UGH!), but it also made my eyes sting, my throat burn and gave me a coughing fit before I was even halfway. Snot was literally running down my nose. So instead of letting it sit for 10 minutes, I opened several doors and windows to create a draught and rinsed the gunk off immediately, making sure everything had gone. Needless to say, the effect on the grouting was hardly noticeable.

It is now evening and my throat still feels dry, and I'm coughing occasionally. The leftover bleach is going straight back to my mum's (I had borrowed it from her), I don't want it in my house ever again. This was the first and the last time I used it. I'll stick to baking soda and vinegar from now on!

From sophyQ, this meme:


1. I like the colour violet.
2. I have been on holiday this year.
3. I enjoy cross-stitch.
4. I can drive.
5. I am vegetarian.
6. I have served in the military.
7. I leave litter in the street.
8. I have had psychotherapy.
9. I have read the whole of the bible.
10. I can swim.
11. I have written erotica.
12. I believe in God.
13. I like playing violent computer games.
14. I can ride a bicyle.
15. I often feel insecure.
16. I have children.
17. I have lived alone.
18. I am married.
19. I can play tennis.
20. I have done my own birthchart.
21. I enjoy writing.
22. I can paint.
23. I enjoy washing cutlery.
24. I wash my hair every day.
25. I can crochet.
26. I am an information junkie.
27. I have been in a road accident.
28. I can knit.
29. I have smoked cannabis.
30. I enjoy reading romantic novels.
31. I have had a canary.
32. I have kept frogs.
33. I enjoy playing practical jokes.
34. I swear a lot.
35. I have written poetry.
36. I have taken speed.
37. I can do cryptic crossword puzzles.
38. I have won a lot of competitions.
39. I like football.
40. I get migraines.
41. I have to shave my legs.
42. I watch too much television.
43. I have been addicted to a TV program.
44. I have been to fan conventions.
45. I like parmesan cheese.
46. I have taken acid.
47. I drink bottled water.
48. I have self-harmed.
49. I like wearing a long scarf.
50. I am neurotic.
51. I get depressions.
52. I have rescued stray animals.
53. I am a surfaholic.
54. I am a technophobe.
55. I am offended by generalisations.
56. I drink a lot of coffee.
57. I have put up bookshelves.
58. I am allergic to strawberries.
59. I have wanted to kill myself.
60. I like wearing mittens.
61. I like to shock people.
62. I like garlic.
63. I have used a ouija board.
64. I rarely lie.
65. I believe in vampires.
66. I have written vampire fiction.
67. I like reading fiction.
68. I have perfect eyesight.
69. I wear a lot of make-up.
70. I like having my hair styled.
71. I had an unusual childhood.
72. I grew up on a farm.
73. I have perfect hearing.
74. I wear socks and sandals.
75. I talk to myself.
76. I sing along to music.
77. I hum to myself when I'm stressed.
78. I have changed a lot in the last decade.
79. I like baking biscuits (cookies).
80. I have a favourite soft (stuffed) toy.
81. I am upset when other people swear too much.
82. I have one or more cats.
83. I have one or more dogs.
84. I am tactless.
85. I am afraid of the moon.
86. I like looking into the night sky.
87. I like getting wet.
88. I like dragonflies.
89. I go hiking.
90. I go skiing.
91. I have been on a ferris wheel.
92. I am afraid of clowns.
93. I like making people laugh.
94. I am good at mathematics.
95. I enjoy housework.
96. I am comfortable with strangers.
97. I have been in hospital many times.
98. I am clumsy.
99. I often eat too much.
100. I was bullied at school.
101. I have lost too much weight on a diet.
102. I get food cravings.
103. I always keep my promises.
104. I am fickle.
105. I prefer to ask for advice than have it given unsolicited.
106. I like people to like me.
107. I have always been faithful to a partner.
108. I let people walk all over me.
109. I am gullible.
110. I trust people the moment I meet them.
111. I am often suspicious of people's motives.
112. I like to help everyone.
113. I have learnt one or two lessons the hard way, recently.
114. I enjoy a lot of classical music.
115. I bruise easily.
116. I like going to the theatre.
117. I am good at learning languages.
118. I have strong opinions.
119. I always voice my opinions.
120. I like politics.
121. I was politically aware in my teens.
122. I eat a lot of fruit in the winter.
123. I like cabbage.
124. I nag my partner.
125. I used to live in jeans.
126. I sleep naked.
127. I like the sound of a calm sea.
128. I have wisdom teeth.
129. I like dolls.
130. I wallow in nostalgia.
131. I am afraid of dead spiders.
132. I am very patient.
133. I have been in a violent relationship.
134. I was shy as a child.
135. I like goths.
136. I like graveyards.
137. I get seasick.
138. I read women's magazines.
139. I am a feminist.
140. I have a good sense of direction.

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