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I am in love with these colours

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'Silk scarf' by sophyQ

Last week I finally had to go see someone from Social Security to discuss my reintegration. Even though I had to wait for an hour before being called in, due to him having me mixed up with somebody else who had cancelled an appointment, it was all right. He turned out to be a really nice guy who readily agreed with my scepticism regarding the big reintegration bureaus they work with. He suggested an IRO for me - Dutch abbreviation for Individual Reintegration Agreement -, where I can pick a bureau of my liking, that will cater to my individual needs. The idea is that the bureau and I will make a reintegration plan that will get me back to work for at least 6 months within 2 years (a bit odd then that it is not allowed to do a course or training that takes more than 1 year, but logic isn't exactly the strong point of the ones who make the rules).

The plan has to be ready by 8 February. Deadlines tend to have a paralysing effect on me, especially when I think they are too tight, so when I came home I dropped the documentation I had received somewhere in a corner and did not look at it again until the weekend, when I finally sat down to read everything through. On one of the websites mentioned in the documentation I found lots of useful info, and an organization of smaller, more reputable bureaus. I selected 5 that operated in Amsterdam, and called them on Tuesday. One I particularly liked was full at the moment, one I did not like I crossed off my list, with two others that seemed good I have made appointments (no strings attached), and another one, that seems to have a rather spiritual approach, I have to call tomorrow.

I'm not so tense anymore. I have a good feeling about the two I'm seeing. A great difference in style, but both sounding very professional. One of them said that he has coached 120 people so far, and for only 8 the reintegration had not been successful. If that is true, it's an impressive track record. Well, who knows. Maybe my reintegration is really going to work (no pun intended).

In other news, I have, at last, succumbed and bought a tub of Big shampoo: Image Hosted by Never mind that I already have 5 other shampoos in the house... my hair has been looking a bit dull lately. I washed it with Big this morning and I do believe it has more shine now!

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