August 13th, 2009


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Well, what do you know. After yesterday's moaning I came home today to find two parcels waiting for me, one from the Book Depository and one from Persephone Books. I was particularly pleased to see the latter. Persephone is a small publisher and, as I said, I wouldn't have liked to ask for yet another replacement, especially since they had been very helpful.

Unfortunately Miss Ranskill, being of respectable size, must have been pushed none too gently through the letterbox, because she stepped out of the envelope looking rather dishevelled, with a few bruises and her clothes a bit torn:

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As it's not Persephone's fault and this was the free book anyway I am not going to make a fuss, but argh! I wish the postperson would be a little more careful. It's annoying enough that my TV guide arrives with the cover in tatters almost every week.

Anyway, this leaves only the Folio Society book presumed missing. I'm going to give them some more time, you never know. After all, I received the Persephone books with over two weeks in between.

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