September 17th, 2006

lewis furey

Retail therapy is keeping me sane

I bought lots of goodies lately:

— Last Thursday, another digital camera to complement Joni. It looks just like a mini SLR, but is in fact a compact camera with 12x zoom (so far I've only had time to charge the batteries and glance at the manual).

— When I came home armed with my new camera a parcel of books I had ordered from England was waiting for me in the hallway (oh to have the time to read again).

— Yesterday I heard a song by Charlotte Gainsbourg on the radio and fell in love. I found it (and another song) on her Myspace, downloaded it from somewhere else and played it all day. Today I went to Fame to listen to the whole CD, because most reviews I had read were very favourable. Unfortunately the volume of the headphones was turned up so loud that it made me quite nauseous and afraid of a headache, so after trying out three sets I handed it back. To my surprise the shop assistant said that Fame will let people listen to CDs at home and they can return them within 2 weeks if they are not satisfied. Great service! I didn't take Charlotte with me though, I had already decided I wanted the CD and it was cheaper at my online store (so I ordered it there this evening).

— Then I went to Fame's DVD department to look for Slings and Arrows, except that I had forgotten the title and was looking for Swords and [something else] instead. Never mind, I don't think they had it anyway. To my utter joy and amazement I did find series 1 & 2 of The Mighty Boosh, which has never been shown on Dutch TV and of which I have caught only a few episodes on BBC2 before it moved to BBC3 and thus became unavailable to us on the Continent. The price, however, was 60 euros, a tad expensive. So after much deliberation I put it back on the shelf and headed home (and ordered it from Amazon UK this evening; including p&p and VAT it's still about 20 euros cheaper there).

— On the way home I walked into Lush to get the new Lush Times, but there is not going to be one until October. The sales assistant said they did have several lovely new soaps in and made me smell a few, and I couldn't resist buying a piece of Mud Flats (yum yum).

And now, a new series of Six Feet Under on TV. At last!