November 25th, 2005

lewis furey

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Of course today I remember the book titles I had meant to look for yesterday. :)

In the new TV guide I read an interview with Spinvis, in which he said that the title of his album Dagen van gras, dagen van stro (“days of grass, days of straw”, released yesterday, if my information is correct) was taken from a book by SF writer R.A. Lafferty, Not to mention camels. I am not keen on SF, unless it’s funny, but this book sounds quite weird and interesting. It looks like it’s out of print at the moment though, and the ABC website says that they may not have it in stock, so I don’t think I would have found it yesterday anyway.
Here is a page devoted to Lafferty’s works:
Any science fiction buffs out there who know the book and/or the author?

BTW, I had meant to pre-order Spinvis’ new album, but I saw on that there are 2 versions: a regular one with blue sleeve, and a limited-edition one with pink sleeve (incidentally, both at the same price???). While I am slightly disappointed that Spinvis goes along with this sort of nonsense, naturally I want to pick the colour I like best, so I’ll have to see at least one of them irl before ordering. I can hardly wait, I am really, really looking forward to the new album. :)