February 15th, 2005

lewis furey

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Today, on account of Kenneth Cole's campaign for the homeless, I brought in 3 pairs of shoes my mother has hardly worn (because they are not her right size) and my collection of brown belts, since I'm phasing brown out of my wardrobe. I had expected to receive a voucher, but it turned out I had to make my purchase rightaway in order to get the discount. Ack. Not really what I wanted, but I had a look around anyway. There were no boots, and I didn't see any shoes or clothes I fancied. Saw some very nice watches and handbags, but I don't need another watch, and the bags were not the right colours.

I had half a mind to leave without buying anything, when my eye fell on a gorgeous messenger bag (I believe they are called). For years I have been looking for a briefcase and never found one I truly loved, until now. Slightly bigger than what I had had in mind, but very beautiful. I didn't take long to decide. It was quite expensive of course, and upon paying I found out that I had miscalculated the discount, it was only 33 euros and not 66. (Yeah, I know, I really have no right to ridicule others, my math skills aren't that great either.)

When I came home I saw Natasha sitting on the table and thought that this might be a more suitable bag for her than the ugly one I bought originally (the computer store only had a choice of one). It was a perfect fit. However, it was clearly not designed to be a laptop bag. I would have to wrap Natasha up in order to avoid her casing getting scratched by the metal zippers inside, and more importantly, the bag has magnetic closures. I don't know if those magnets are strong enough to do any damage to her hard disk, but I'd rather not take the risk and learn the hard way. So, no stylish bag for Natasha, it will be mine only. Here is a picture of a similar one (but mine has pretty stitching):

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