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Happy Halloween

to all who celebrate it!

I tricked heartofdavid out of this:

A headless skeleton! Wait a minute, you did not
need that body to begin with. You are good and
well off on your own. You can take care of
yourself. You seem to be one who is 'detached'
from society and doing what you think are good
or right things. No, you are not one of those
people who think that they can do whatever they
want. You just do not follow 'everydayness' and
common beliefs and norms. If you are not doing
so now, you plan on living alone one day, away
from everyone so that you can be at peace with
yourself and surroundings. You do not dislike
everyone. You only like to be in a serene
atmosphere. Despite all of this, you still
enjoy being in touch with close people. You are
a different and interesting person, you are.
Happy Halloween, Detached Figure.

What Halloween Figure Are You? (MANY RESULTS WITH SIX ALL NEW ONES!!)
brought to you by Quizilla

Yes, I would say that sounds like me. :)

More quotes from The Diaries of Sylvia Townsend Warner:

They [David and Ray Garnett] were extremely funny in church, walking about with an air of the utmost suspicion, as though at any moment a Bishop might appear and lay violent confirming hands on them. Indeed, as we were about to enter and the Reverend Flabby's voice was heard addressing some tourists, they started back as though a lion roared. (9 July 1929)

'Perhaps you will be composing again when you are eighty-five?' I said that at 85 I should be taking up monumental sculpture. (23 October 1929)

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