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What I've been up to

Well, I've finally gone and done it. After years of grumbling at LJ I have created an account elsewhere. Last year I was actually talked into taking a paid account here (by someone who has since left LJ for Facebook), but when a friend of a friend handed out invite codes to Dreamwidth, of which I had heard good things, I decided to go for it, and let my paid LJ account lapse. As from yesterday I am back to Basic. (Bastards only let me keep 6 icons, whereas I was entitled to 15 before. Grumble grumble. But the moodtheme I uploaded in the nick of time is still in place, so there.)

I am [personal profile] lethe1 on DW, but I will still be cross-posting here and reading my friends pages and such, so nothing much will change. I'll probably ask you to post comments to my entries on DW with a direct link. I have given everyone on my LJ friends list access, so you should be able to log in there using your LJ login. We'll see how it goes.

As Dreamwidth does not have a scrapbook function as yet, I had to look around for another image hosting site. ImageShack, which I used before, doesn't agree with my browsers any more, and besides, I found that site to be rather unreliable. Lots of my older (and sometimes not so old) pics had disappeared.

For my own photos I settled for Flickr (which has some very weird restrictions, as I discovered when I was already halfway through re-uploading, hidden away as they were in the Help pages instead of in the ToS), for small image sizes I use the very fast HostAnyPhoto, and The Easy View is used for everything else.

Looking through those old photos was a joy and I thought I really must go back to photographing and posting pics regularly again.

On Wednesday last week I was smitten by a nasty flu-like thingy which drained me of all energy. I had originally planned to decorate last weekend, but I just couldn't face it. This afternoon I ventured out for the first time. I had to do some shopping (by Jove, it's slippery outside. I hate this kind of weather. Yuck, yuck, yuck) and I also had a persistent headache which I thought might be due to lack of fresh air, although people had told me it is a side-effect of this particular flu. Anyway, my headache did diminish and I was back just in time for Shrek, which I watched while finally putting up my Christmas decorations. Even though I was tired afterwards, I was immensely cheered, so it was worth the effort.

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