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Stolen goods

Last night I horked a cute weatherpixie from bookish_theoric (see my user info), and today, this book quiz from anouck_grrl:

You're Prufrock and Other Observations!

by T.S. Eliot

Though you are very short and often overshadowed, your voice is poetic
and lyrical. Dark and brooding, you see the world as a hopeless effort of people trying
to impress other people. Though you make reference to almost everything, you've really
heard enough about Michelangelo. You measure out your life with coffee spoons.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

I basically agree (poetic and lyrical? oh yes, you should read my Sinterklaas poetry!); however, since I am far from short but quite skinny, I would like to replace 'short' with 'slim' (as in 'a slim volume', get it?)

I rather like this quiz, because it depends on your answer what the next question will be. I took the quiz again, changing 'odd' to 'even', and ended up as...

You're Alice's Adventures in Wonderland!

by Lewis Carroll

After stumbling down the wrong turn in life, you've had your mind
opened to a number of strange and curious things. As life grows curiouser and curiouser,
you have to ask yourself what's real and what's the picture of illusion. Little is coming
to your aid in discerning fantasy from fact, but the line between them is so blurry that
it's starting not to matter. Be careful around rabbit holes and those who smile to much,
and just avoid hat shops altogether.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

As a great Alice fan I am quite pleased with this result, even though my life is not all that curious.
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