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TV meme, day 30

Day 30 - Saddest character death

Oh my God, they killed the Quattro!


The poor Quattro's demise was only one of the character deaths we had to reconcile ourselves with in the Ashes to Ashes finale. I'll say no more, people who have seen it will know.

One of the few things I liked about the second series of Being Human was Ivan. Not only did he have impeccable taste in music, he also totally outcooled Mitchell.

Such a shame he was killed off so soon.


(I wish they had resurrected you instead of Herrick.)

And last but not least, Annie. I know that technically Annie was already dead, what with being a ghost and all, and I also know that our OT3(4) will be reunited in the third series, but that didn't make the moment in which she was cruelly snatched away from us any less poignant:



(Quattro screencap by nancherrow, Mitchell/Ivan graphic by unknown, Annie gif by llorona_llorona)

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