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Claire Redfield
15 August 2008 @ 12:01 pm
We've heard from Chris! We lost contact with him about a month ago but he has managed to send us a message! We don't know the manner in which he will be returning to us but at least we know he is alive! Hopefully it will be soon and sometime this week!
Claire Redfield
17 July 2008 @ 01:27 pm
Mission Status: Failed.

I don't understand it! I'm begining to think there is something else going on here. Though I trust everyone in the U.U.R. I still have a growing fear in the back of my mind. Is there a spy? This is what we need to figure out. We need to figure this out first before we start going on anymore missions. How did Wesker know I was there? Leon and I were going over the paperwork I managed to steal from the Washington based Medical Center. It was clear in the paperwork that they were testing something on people. What it was we can only guess. Heh. Medical Center? Perhaps from the outside! They had a small but obvious testing center in the basement. They're getting better at hiding them! Little places here and there since their funds are scarce. After Umbrellas downfall some of their original employees have taken it upon themselves to continue their work. The Medical Center works fully as a hospital so no one would ever quess the things lurking in the basement.

They were gone though. They had cleaned out most of everything...but I could still smell it. I could still smell the horror and the pain that had gone on there. I think he was waiting for me. I covered my tracks going in so there was no way he could have followed me. He was waiting for me. Luckily I had that ear-splitting grenade that Hotchkins gave me the day before. It was a messy get away.

Note to Self: kill Wesker soon.