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Hello all, I'm going to need all of your help in winning an online Christmas Card competition.
There were over 200 entries - they narrowed it down to 60 finalists. Both of my cards made the finals...

Register at www.foldees.com
Check your Email for an activation link
Activate your account and start to vote.
Vote fairly for the cards **
Leave a Positive Comment on my card (no other cards)

My cards are entitled "Christmas Meltdown" & "The Christmas Bunny"
my username is "avine"

** FYI: Unfair votes will not count and just hurt my chances so don't just hand out "ones". If you want to help, only hand out a "Four" or "FIVE" for me THEN please leave a

POSITIVE COMMENT on my design (leave no other comments on other cards). You have to vote on all 60 to even see my card & receive a FREE CARD (your choice and customizable). Cards

cost $2 from this site. It will probably take 10-15 minutes of your time. If this is not suitable, please let me know. Thank you
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The Time has Come.....

I still don't know if this is the right choice, but I have decided to have a friends cut. I know I said I'd never, but some people on my flist don't update or comment at all or our interests just vary. The top 5 commenters (according to the below stats) are automatically staying on my flist =P and the bottom five are most likely to be cut. Here are the comment stats to see where you stand/stood. My decision wasn't based on comments alone though....

Collapse )

The following people are to be cut: funsized, braless_cup, cruzh, el_pez_rojo, flirty_vile, gothic_lolita, indira1983, jennymariep, kerche, kristina_flicka, miss_csi, monster_x, supadupalove. Had already been removed: askanky, deppaholic47, spiderqueen15, tishywishy

I've decided to keep some users who don't comment often in hopes to get to know them better (as they are a fairly new addition). I may add some users who've have added me, but I haven't them in the future. If I choose to re-add, you can keep me on your list. But do whatever you choose ;) If you feel this cut is a mistake and would like to remain on my list, just respond saying so. I may or may not consider your request. I wish the best to you all regardless if you remain or not. You are all wonderful people =) Just a heads up: I will continue to update this journal and my Flicka community - this is just a friends cut, not a goodbye to LJ. Thank you and may you all take care...

♥ amber
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