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7 January

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I need a new Friends Only banner >>; It'll be up at somepoint!

If you would like to be added please leave a comment!
1] Have some of the same interests as me.
2] Update on regular basis so I know you have a active journal.
3] Give me a hug ;_;
-I'm currently not going around to journals and adding random people. If I add you, I probably know you from somewhere else or someone I'm friends with tells me your really cool and I should add you. But if you want to add me for some reason just leave a comment, chances are I'll add you back.-

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Dave Matthews Band is sweet love.

Chocolate and rainbow sprinkles rule all!!!

Insomniac Brushes, Digital Bristle and Forbidden-Fire

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+Anyone else who I forgot. Yes, I suck at times, go me.

Some were also made by me.