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Repel the Monkeys
An Elephant Never Forgets

Date: 2009-07-30 05:30
Subject: Pirate the Evil!Cat
Security: Public
Tags:cats, pirate, sick
been ever so tired and cranky of late. Totally sucks.

Missed some sleep the other day to take all the little ones to the vet for their annual exams. Boys are now up to date on all vaccines so they can start at obedience school as soon as I have some money. As well Pirate had a full blood panel done, as the vet was not at all sure what might be going on when I told him Pi's recent history (went off food entirely for more than a week, ate near nothing for ages and dropped to around 2 pounds then a few weeks ago became ravenously hungry and started gaining weight).

Pi now weighs a whole five pounds! He used to be 12, but as the vet pointed out, cats do not usually come back from the sorts of things that make them drop to 2 lbs. The fact that he is eating and putting weight back on is in and of itself remarkable. Then Pirate's blood workup results came back (this contributed to my cranky sleepy mood as the vet woke me with the phone call at noon yesterday).

Pirate has had blood work run every time he's shown a new symptom and has had it show problems with his liver and/or kidneys (they thought for a while that he may be diabetic his glucose levels were so off). The results this time? thyroid - normal. Liver function - close enough to normal to be unremarkable. Kidneys - normal. The only value that was off at all really was red blood cell count.

Apparently the worst thing wrong with my cat (the cat who by every account should have died numerous times over by now) is some slight anaemia. My poor vet is even more confused now than ever. He keeps gently reminding me that Pi has a terminal illness and will point out each time I bring him in that x will probably kill him (ie 'cats with jaundice do not normally recover') and I just keep bringing him back year after year with some wacky new symptom which should but does not kill him.

Victoria reckons he's found the secret to immortality. She thinks if he ever does kick the bucket he should be autopsied for scientific research into death avoidance. I figure he is just taking that old adage about how many lives cats have to heart, eventually his nine will run out, but until then I have a meowing, peeing (on my floor!), purring menace to keep me company and demand my constant attention. and food, god he eats a lot!
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Date: 2009-04-01 03:44
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
Tags:birthday, naomi
So as you guys know, my room is mostly unpacked. This was a long and very painful process (there's lot's of stairs, my stuff is heavy, I still don't have my orthodics). I am very sore, but cannot really rest as there is still too much to do. But today was my mum's birthday (well, it's after midnight so technically yesterday was mum's today is Naomi's) and we were supposed to all have dinner at Father's to celebrate both birthdays. Tomorrow would've been better for everyone (none of us had access to our transit passes today so we had to use cash fares, also it pissed down rain ALL DAY) but since Naomi is unavailable to spend her 18th birthday with her family, we all made the trek to Father's today in the wind and cold and rain. I was on the bus, still about 40 minutes away and my phone rang. Seems Naomi's frinends invited her to a birthday movie and even though she'd only been there a half hour and not eaten or had the cake my dad baked her (that mum spent ages icing just right and decorating) and I had yet to even GET THERE she was leaving. And she had the gall to be offended and self righteous and pissy with me when I strongly implied she was being rather a selfish bitch. I am no longer worried about the fact that the move meant I had no time or money to get her a birthday present (if I had gotten one I'd be taking it back or keeping it myself). She is lucky Mother wouldn't let me eat her cake. If it was me in charge the 5 of us would've lit candles sung happy birthday to mother/imaginary sister and eaten all of her cake (Mother had chocolate mousse instead of cake, Naomi likes white cake and mum likes chocolate). Instead she expects everyone to drop everything on Sunday and do this all over again then (when the cake will be gross and stale, I hope she likes choking it down, I won't have to, I have work Sunday.) 18 does not a grown up make it seems. She better not pull this shit when she is living here.
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Date: 2009-03-31 16:20
Subject: I moved!
Security: Public
Tags:birthday, holidays, mother, moving, naomi, passover, pets
  • My bedroom is unpacked!!!!!!! There are still like 3 boxes that I have to wait and unpack when I get my last bookcase from my dad's (and I have some junk at my mum's) some of this stuff has not been unpacked since 2 moves ago - like 2 years in boxes! I had forgotten I owned a lot of it.
  • I really like my room here (except it doesn't have space for my ratties, I had to put em in the basement) It is BLUE. and cozy. and MINE.
  • The yard is great for the dogs to play in, and means I can be a bit lazy in the walk department while I lug boxes and unpack stuff. (OMG MY legs are killing me. We have a million stairs).
  • My Mum's birthday today and Naomi's tomorrow so going to dinner at my dad's in a minute (gotta let the dogs out to pee first). Gonna have CAKE.
  • We cannot fully unpack most rooms yet though as the floors and cupboards and stuff are yet to be refinished. We are making a list of stuff to be fixed as there was like a 3 hour gap between tenants on this place and some repairs need doing. Hopefully they'll be done soonish - I am hosting a seder this year. Mum bought me a million pounds of kosher chicken and 2 18 piece jars of gefilte fish. Dad thought I was kidding when I asked him to buy me a dozen or so boxes of matzo. Last year I got yelled at a few times for eating a box a day or thereabouts. LOVE the stuff.
  • Our shower works. We couldn't use it the first night cause they refinished the tubs but now it works and is super hot with great pressure. Yay. I am a terrible person and shower forever even after it goes cold I do not get out. Once I sorta fell asleep in the shower.
  • The net didn't work at first. Called a technician. Turns out it is important that the outside cable feed be connected to the inside cable line, yet it had been unplugged. Obviously works now. Lots to catch up on, but now is not the time. CAKE!
  • We have nice neighbours. Vicky met the grown ups, I conversed through the fence with the kids as I threw all their wayward toys back to them (it wasn't a robot, it was BILLY!). Both sides have dogs too. Bella the Bernese on one side and a Cocker I haven't heard the name of yet on the other.
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Date: 2009-03-18 18:12
Subject: things are looking up (and it's not even April yet)
Security: Public
Pi's vet appointment today went well. He started eating again yesterday, so I am a bit less worried (but not enough not to spend $300 on tests) and I got prescription diet to help him gain back the lost wait and some medicine to settle his stomach and stop him from puking. The test results should come it tomorrow at which point we will decide if he needs to go back on his steroids (or go on anything new).
I am also going tomorrow to be fitted for orthotic shoes so I can have shoes not given to me by the red cross for one and so I can maybe get rid of my knee and hip pain for two. My mum is gonna pay for them and I'm getting fitted at my aunt's work so it won't even be as expensive as that kind of thing generally is.
Having parents with a bit of money for once is so nice. I like not having to really worry how much it will cost to keep Pi alive or whether I can afford shoes that don't come from a clearance bin in the grocery store. And I don't even need to feel badly about taking money from them as I worked (2 jobs for a while) to support them for like 3 years while they sat on their collective asses and did nothing. Now they are still sitting on their asses, but at least I can sit on mine a bit too.

I am slowly putting together a pic spam from this summer (for real this time) and will post it the moment it is finished (so far its about 5 of like 100 pics so it may be a while yet).
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Date: 2009-03-15 23:26
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
Wow. So I am actually caught back up on my flist (now that my computer seems to be willing to run for more than 30 seconds without restarting itself). and I'm working on getting caught up on my shows (again, computer is finally cooperating at least a tiny little bit. yay). And that makes me feel so much better than I did earlier/yesterday/last week/etc. And I am no longer taking my raging bitchiness out on the doggies (now Naomi and Vicky get it instead, but they woke me up at 11 am today, so they deserve what they get) so I'm carrying less guiltatbeingabadmommy!stress too.
I am still sick, though mostly I am just really tired, achy, and depressed rather than properly ill (though I am still running a low grade fever). But mostly I am all messed up that Pi is sick. He's been eating a lot less, and he is very dehydrated as well. Am giving him as much special care as I am able, but I am gonna try to get him in to see the vet in the hopes that whatever it is (his kidneys is my guess; they've been slowly failing for months) is treatable and not terminal. It is definitely not the FIP or he would already be dead. So there is some positive side somewhere there I guess. Everytime I think about how sick he is though, I cannot help tearing up as he is quite bad off and I cannot even stand to think about him dying (you guys need to ask me about the fun that was seeing Wendy and Lucy on my last day off, right after I realized how ill Pirate is. Sam from work old Victoria she needed to come home and comfort me.) Yet Pi dying seems to be all I can think about. So I am holed up in the living room and I am gonna read my book (Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson, I may like it almost as much as Cryptonomicon, definitely as much as Snowcrash. Love this author so much) and slowly getting caught up on 30 rock, Big Bang, and HIMYM. BSG, Sarah Connor etc shall have to wait for another time as dark/depressing is not really what I need right now (see above re the Wendy and Lucy fiasco - seriously sat there in the theatre where I work crying for the entire hour and a half, then stood outside the subway crying till Barb sent me to Indigo to feel better, where I cried and bumped into Teresa from work who was buying Russell Brand's book).

And none of this post makes sense. Yay me and coherency! But I cannot be assed to fix it, and I feel like (some of) you guys probably would like to know what is up with me/why I dropped off the face of the earth (shockingly not new puppy related, he's actually been really quite good).
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Date: 2009-03-01 14:18
Subject: Writer's Block: If Animals Could Talk
Security: Public
Tags:pets, writer's block
If you could ask your pet any question (and they could answer you), what would it be?

For Dingo: what was life like before me? Who shot you? What happened to give you that big scar? Do you like living here? (yes that is technically more than one question, but they are all very related. Also I want to know damnit!)

I oddly don't really have any questions for the others, I know them pretty well already I guess.
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Date: 2009-02-26 09:41
Subject: OZ
Security: Public
Tags:oz, pets, rl
So my new puppy Oz turned out to be a bit of a problem puppy. A right little terror to Dingo and Pi with his constant instinct to herd/play with them; biting constantly on poor Bubba's heels. Also very bad with people, barking at just about everyone (including me. I startled him, he barked and startled Vicky who jumped and spilled milk on the laptop. Oh noes! It thankfully seems to have started working again though) He growls and snaps if strangers get close :( But I have been researching training away these behaviours (it's how I spent almost all my day off yesterday. When I wasn't feeling so ill I wanted to die that is) and started implementing stuff I learned right away and he is improving already. Still a bit too playful with the other pets, but much more in control and focused on me and what I am signing to him. And on our after breakfast walk he only barked a couple times and only at half the people we saw. Huge improvement over yesterday and the day before (he was terrible on the busride to bring him home). He is such a smart little puppy and it seems he does want to please me afterall which is good. Now I only have to wait for Victoria to wake up so I can show her all the stuff we've been working on and how to do it herself so he behaves for her as well as me (and hope he isn't too distracted by having two people to play with to focus on being a good dog) I really feel like he has so much potential to be an awesome puppy, and it is gonna be so much work, but if I can get him to be the dog I know he can be it will be worth it (skidboot was a trouble dog too, look at how great he ended up!)
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Date: 2009-02-25 13:41
Subject: NO! Oz! Oh. why do I even bother it's no as though you can hear me... sigh
Security: Public
So it turns out puppies (even 11 month old ones) are a tonne of work. Deaf puppies are a tiny bit more (though really I think most of the 'oh god no!' moments are more puppyness related than deafness related). Oz startles really easily and gets a bit aggressive when scared. These are things that can be worked on, but they will take a lot of time. I am exhausted even thinking about it (though a lot of it is just being calm and sitting with him, and that isn't exactly hard). Dingo is becoming less amused with a brother who thinks a good time is defined as chewing on Dingo's legs, but he'll settle down into a routine when Oz does. Right now Dingo is curled up on the couch enjoying the peace and quiet while Oz sleeps (feet in the air on his back) on the floor in front of my armchair. I kinda want my own nap, but do not really want to leave the puppy unsupervised, so I'm gonna watch a movie or something instead. My time with Oz thus far has been split pretty evenly into 'what was I thinking?!' and 'Awwwwwwwww, what a sweeety!'.
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Date: 2009-02-24 02:55
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
Tags:naomi, pets, rl, work
Ahhhhh! I need to be in bed ages ago, but I ate too much pizza and would not be able to sleep anyway so I am here.
Tomorrow is a big day. We are looking at townhouses (and maybe apartments as an alternative) in the early am with Barb and Heather. Then I am heading to my father's as I have not seen him since hanukkah. Also that is where the foster dad is meeting me with Calvin to see if he and Dingo are compatible. If they are than I shall have my new doggie by this time tomorrow! Squee!
And today was such a long, tiring, fun day too, so it will be two of those in a row - phew. Had an opening shift at work, then had a work outing immediately after (from which we got home at like 11 or 12?) Bowling was awesome though, and the girls team totally kicked the boys team's ass. I swear tweo of them were bowling zeros for the first half of the first game. They were so proud when they each finally hit a pin, it was adorable. And it was nice to not be the crappiest bowler for once too! Naomi was second best out of everyone and even won a prize (talking south park bobblehead) she also won the monthly draw (Cowboy Bebop dvds) so she seemed to just generally be on a lucky streak today I guess. Anyway, I ate too much free pizza, thus I am awake. But I am gonna turn the computer off and go listen to music in the other room till I fall asleep. Don't want to be too sleepy tomorrow after all. Calvin day!!!
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Date: 2009-02-05 00:36
Subject: piggie-structions
Security: Public
Tags:random, rl, sick, vicky
the email I just got from Vicky (who is visiting her brother in BC):

Cuddle tiems for Duck-Duck!!

You can sit in the chair by my laptop and use the sacrificial towel, and then you pet him 66 times behind his left ear in a scritch scratch way. And then 67 times behind his right ear in a scratch-scritch motion. Then use both hands to pet his back until he goes rumble rumble rumble for at least 5 consecutive seconds. Oh, also his but fur needs brushing by hand (c'est vraiment, ça). I've been feeding him the green pepper in the fridge as well lately.

Hopes you is having fun without me (since I know that is IMPOSSIBLE, clearly).

- Victoria

I am proud of myself for remembering to feed and water and scritch the Duck, even before she emailed. It's something that isn't in my routine, so remembering (especially when I'm sick and my normal routine is already off) is quite the accomplishment for me. Duck misses his mummy and is spending all his time in his igloo being mopey, so I have to put extra effort in to make him rumble, but he did once earlier today.
Is weird having the place to myself (and it is not as though Vicky has never been gone this long before, she only left yesterday). Also, am sick and missed work today, so have been home alone all day bored. Well, bored and catching up on every tv show known to man. I'm no longer behind on BSG, Being Human, or Being Erica. Also watched a tonne of movies. I will probably go to bed early tonight so I am well enough to go to work tomorrow.

PS. not too late to guess the pairing meme here. I will unscreen comments tomorrow or the day after probably (no need to post the answers once I do as Vicky managed to correctly guess all but one and Naomi got that one)
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