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i wanna fall in love


23 March
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I'm immature and a young dreamer. I really don't care what you think though. Kind of. I like my music and if you don't, fine, that doesn't mean we can't be friends. Just don't give me crap about it because I don't need to take it. I don't want to be labeled as a 'punk' 'prep' 'skater' 'emo' 'rocker' or any labels for that matter. I don't want to be labeled. Period. I am me. Tina. I'm a quarter Australian and three quarters Japanese. Damn straight. Born and raised in Tokyo, JAHPAAHHHNN. I'm really random. As if you couldn't tell already. I play basketball. I used to swim for 10 years. I recently started playing guitar again. And I still really suck. Oh yeah, I don't smoke cigarettes...or joints for that matter. I don't drink either unless I'm at home. I guess that makes me un-cool in your books. That's okay, it's your loss. I love my friends. I have great friends. I go to an international school though so friends come and go. It kind of sucks but you get used to it after a while. I can be really emotional. But I like to pretend I'm tough and all that shiz. But I'm really not and could use someone to lean/depend on. Right. About. Now.

[She's the, er, non-Asian one. Yeah, I'm the Asian one] The best friend rocks my socks. No, she rocksers my boxers. That's how much she rocks. She lives like 9384032423 miles away from me in Australia. !@#$ I miss her so much and it kills that she's not here right now :[ I used to hate her when we were in elementary. But then in middle school, I actually got to know her, fell in love, and that's where we are today. Harhar. We still talk on the phone at least 3 times a month and she came to visit in January :D Now it's my turn to go down under and visit my "mate" Wow, that's funny. Anyway, she's great. And she has an lj that she never updates. lovebug_x She's random, like me. And she's a great writer. SO that means you should try to befriend her so when she does update, you can see how awesome she is :]

1208. 311. 3 Days Grace. Alexisonfire. Alkaline Trio. All-American Rejects. Allister. Amber Pacific. American Hi-Fi. Amiel. Anatomy of a Ghost. Anti-Flag. A Perfect Circle. Beach Boys. Beatles. Ben Harper. Ben Kweller. Beyonce. Billy Talent. Black Eyed Peas. Blink 182. Bob Marley. Bowling for Soup. Bright Eyes. Carpenters. Da Coheed and Cambria. Cursive. Dashboard. Deftones. Eminem. Fall Out Boy. Franz Ferdinand. Funeral for a Friend. Glassjaw. Gob. Goldfinger. Good Charlotte. Green Day. Hot Hot Heat. Hidell. Hoobastank. Incubus. Jamiroquai. Jason Mraz. Jay-Z. Jet. Jin. John Mayer. Justin Timberlake. Less Than Jake. ost Prophets.ucky Boys Confusion. Ludacris. Maroon 5. Matchbook Romance Mest. Midtown. Missy Elliot. MxPx. N.E.R.D. Nelly. Never Heard of It. New Found Glory. No Doubt. Outkast. Pink. Prince. R. Kelly. Rancid. Razorlight. Rip Slyme. Rooney. Rufio. Sean Paul. Silverchair. Simple Plan. Sondre Lerche. Spiritualized. Stacie Orrico. Stellastar. Sterophonics. Story of the Year. Sugarcult. Sugar Ray. Taking Back Sunday. Tamia. Thalia. The Ataris. The bBeautiful Mistake. The Casualites. The Delays. The Distillers. The Get Up Kids. The Juliana Theory. The Movielife. The Postal Service. The Starting Line. The Strokes. The Used. The Vines. Third Eye Blind. Three Days Grace. Thrice. Thursday. Travis. Usher. Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Yellowcard.

This page was getting stuffy so I moved all that into an entry here.

I claimed Matt Lovato (MEST) & DJ Dell'Osa (NHOI) at _sexxualclaims

NHOI (+NOSH) are love.

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