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echoes from the void

be to her virtues very kind; be to her faults a little blind

Leareth's writings are mostly diary entries, social/political/legal observation and commentary, procrastination and wardrobe photos with the odd fangirl post thrown in. Creative writing is at inkpawprints. Leareth loves to travel and would like to go to all the far-away places where the open sky is filled with stars.

FRIENDING POLICY: This journal is predominantly FRIENDS ONLY. If you wish to read this journal, please leave a comment and in most cases you will be added to the friends filter.

CREDITAGE: Usericons change periodically, usually centred around whatever movie/tv/anime series I happen to be liking at the time. Credits to the icons' respective creators are given in the comments. Current mood theme is from the manga Tokyo Babylon by CLAMP and was created by papermoon_icons.

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