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NOVEMBER 5th 2007
NOW POSTING AT hitthecoast

this is a friends only journal.
you must be on my friends list to see my icons.
want to be added? of course you do.

follow the steps.

1. add me first
2. comment here

see? way simple.
that's all you're required to do to have icon access.

& i can't stress it enough -- if you do not add me, there is 0% chance that i will add you.
but if you do add me, there is 100% chance that I'll add you back, however, i compare friends and friend of list frequently and if i see that you have unfriended me i will simply unfriend you - no questions asked.

[x] affiliates

i have erased the list in the user profile and have cleared it of communities that haven't updated since April 1, 2007
if you would like to affiliate, add _leahsicons1_ and comment with your community or journal name

icon journals and communities only, please. not lims or icon challenges

AffiliatesCollapse )


Awards and banners from weekly icon challenges focused on television for teen & pre-teen viewers.

BANNERS PG. 5[a]Collapse )
Awards for weekly icon challenges that feature a broadway/theatre theme

BANNERS PG. 7Collapse )
Awards from weekly icon challenges that feature Disney movies, shows, and stars

BANNERS PG. 6Collapse )
Awards and banners from weekly icon challenges focused on television (besides Friends and those focused on younger viewers.)

BANNERS PG. 5[b]Collapse )
Awards and banners for weekly icon challenges featuring live-action movies

BANNERS PG. 3Collapse )