"You sort of sway."

She sprinkles flowers in the dirt

Still contemplating

About me;
I am 30, female and Finnish. I work in communications and media and I have a Master's degree in English Philology. I'm into languages, travelling, music, literature, films, and Irish dancing. I also read and write slash so you might not want to add me if you have a problem with that.
About this journal;
I created this journal in 2003 so we've come a long way together. Sometimes I write about real life issues, sometimes I post pics or just ramble. Most of my entries are all over the place. I do, however, have a writing journal, so you won't find any of my stories here.
Other stuff;
Feel free to add me, I will most likely add you back. I would like my LJ friends to have something in common with me though. I also do not tolerate prejudice.

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