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SPN - boys look

tell me how all this, and love too, will ruin us

tell me we'll never get used to it

Kyouya (young Slytherclaw) writing
Here it is, finally - my fic to date, organized by fandom (which are currently: Harry Potter, Hellsing, A Song of Ice and Fire, Ouran [mostly crossovers], and Supernatural).

Warning: some of these are ancient and of extremely dubious quality. I put in red anything written around/before 2007 or I'm just pretty ashamed of and don't recommend. I'm still considering whether or not to even link to some things.

Note: Still in progress.  I have to dig up a few more things.

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the more unholy things i do (dee 'verse) - 2 of 2
Violet and Klaus Baudelaire
Part 1

Part 2Collapse )

The More Unholy Things I Do (Dee 'verse) - 1 of 2
SPN - boys look
This has been in progress for the last few years, but a little project known as Freak Camp got in the way.

So this idea sparked early in the creation of Brose’s and my Dee ‘verse, after I read some incredible takes on Dean driven to extreme means as a teenager, and I thought, how would that work for Dee?

I would like to especially point out ginzai's phenomenal Robbing Peter, and be with me as the horses run until they forget they are horses by maerhys.

Title: The More Unholy Things I Do
Rating: R
Word count: 15,771
Pairing: gen, actually (Dee 'verse)
Spoilers: none for canon; preseries, AU
Warnings: Please take note of the following: underage prostitution, assault, attempted sexual assault, violence on women, and some pretty earnest self-hatred, all of which may be very triggery for many readers.
Summary: This is a story about a bad situation becoming worse. This is a story about what happens when a couple kids left on their own are faced with no good choices, and the wrong choices lead to worse consequences. Then there’s the aftermath.
Author notes: All the thanks in the world to brosedshield and whereupon for multiple looks at this over the years and stellar feedback.

The damn thing gave me the slip, Dee.Collapse )

Part 2

This is Us (ficlet for shangrilada's Sammyverse)
SPN - boys look
Another ficlet for someone else's 'verse, since shangrilada refuses to satisfy my craving for Wincest, even though the boys in her 'verse have acknowledged they have those ~feelings~ and it's clearly been on John's radar since they were ickle.  

There were big confrontations in one particularly amazing fic, The Unbearable Samness of Sam, and I had to write my Wincest AU ficlet, following the moment Sam drags Dean out of the cabin and they take off in the Impala.

You should definitely read that fic first, because shit goes down and I don't want to spoil it.  

Title: This is Us
Rating: PG
Word count: 585
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Spoilers: none for canon; set near the end of S1
Warnings: none
Summary: Sam always insisted on defining things his way.
Author notes: Again, this is firmly set in shangrilada's fic The Unbearable Samness of Sam; read that first, and you'll know exactly where this falls.

Boys in a Junkyard (preseries Wincest smut PWP)
SPN - boys look
This has been a WIP for not too long - the premise of the story has always stayed with me - but it certainly would not be posted here already if not for whereupon, who has found the most useful means of getting me to write and finish things ever (i.e., bribing me with her own words).  She is especially to be credited here for not only motivating me to revise and finish it (and raise the quality along the way), but betaing it, and finally helping me find a respectable title that better indicates the quality of the fic. 

Title: Boys in a Junkyard
Rating: R
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Word count: 1,003
Spoilers: none; preseries
Summary: So, the title for this was very nearly "Blowjobs in Bobby's Junkyard."  And if it had been, the summary would have just been "What it says on the tin."  Also, no angst to be found!  That really threw me off.
Beta credit: whereupon, who is too gorgeous and talented for words. ♥  All remaining mistakes and weirdness are my own.

No moon shone over Bobby's junkyard that night.Collapse )

slightly-delirious!Integra ficlet
chivalry undead
I probably wrote this a few years ago.  It's not very good, but it has two purposes: 1) character study, and 2) indulgent author-service, because yay Integra stripped down to her underwear and undershirt.

It's appearing here now because my girlfriend said she would like to see it, and she's very sick right now and very far away and I can't make her homemade chicken soup, but I can post not-very-good old fics that she would like to see.

Fandom: Hellsing
Word count: 223
Rating: PG (Integra is so hot half-naked, even when sick, omg)
Pairing: Gen
Summary:  Just a random ficlet of teen!Integra, who is my favorite.

"Walter."Collapse )

Don't Call Me Daughter (intro Dee fic)
Violet and Klaus Baudelaire
I'm PRETTY SURE this is the first fic I've completed since I embarked on freac_camp with brosedshield.  (Check it out, really, it is by far the most impressive and thrilling fic project I've ever done, and probably the one I'll always be proudest of.)

Sadly, I began this story a good while before FC.  I don't know exactly when, but...it was a while ago.  I think I had a lot of this drafted exactly one year ago.  And lately I did some rework and polishing for the shabby parts, so I'm not ashamed of it.  In fact, I like it quite a lot better than a lot of my other WIPs which I am still determined to finish and post, hopefully soon, FC permitting.

I am using my Baudelaire icon for the older sister/younger brother protection dynamic. :)))  (Though, admittedly, the Baudelaires are not very Winchester-y, tragic pasts and nomadic lives aside.  They need more guns and plaid.)

Title: Don't Call me Daughter
Characters: John, Dee (girl!Dean), Sam
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 7,260
Spoilers: through 2x01
Summary: John could never clearly remember the following months, at what point he became unable to voice more than the first syllable of his daughter's name, or when he stopped trying to reach for the rest of it.
Author notes: Though I've posted one other fic in this 'verse before, this is my real intro-Dee fic, the first one to which I'd link anyone to explain my interpretation of her character.  Many more should eventually come, really, tales of suffering and bad decisions and complicated sexuality.  I love Dee intensely, I really do.  And if you really like her, go watch deewinchester.
Also, one of the incidents my story references is brosedshield's Haircut, which is also an excellent intro-Dee fic, and very much integrated with my perception of her.  It's a must-read.
Beta credit: Thank you so much to brosedshield for feedback and assistance, and also to whereupon for multiple readings and reassurance and improvement to make this a much better story.

They named her Deanna.Collapse )

Lessons Learned (AU ending ficlet of "Bad Day at Black Rock")
Joffrey is a wicked boy
 And now something else!

I wrote this a while ago (haha), but didn't think it was worth posting until now.  brosedshield commented on how the real reason we hate Bela is because, after the end of her first episode, she was a living embodiment and reminder of an unforgivable moment of Dean being OOC.  Enormously.  Only reason she lived past the end of her first episode was because the writers twisted things to make it happen.

So, this is really therapeutic for me.

Title: Lessons Learned
Characters: Dean, Sam, Bela
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 246
Spoilers: through 3x03
Summary: Just a therapeutic piece for how "Bad Day at Black Rock," should have ended, if Dean had happened to be in-character for that scene.

Lessons LearnedCollapse )

Simple Gifts (ficlet for ratherastory's Fusion 'verse)
SPN - soulmates trump apocalypse
 Yay, new SPN ficlet!

This is actually set in ratherastory's Fusion series, which is my favorite SPN thing in the UNIVERSE right now, and I am clinging to it like a lifeboat. Lalala who's ignoring S6 oh yes that's ME.

I actually wrote this before the premiere, I just angsted as usual over some small details, but I figure we can all use it (and the whole Fusion series) right now.

Title: Simple Gifts
Rating: G (not even language in this one)
Word count: 710
Characters: Sam, Dean, Bobby
Spoilers: Set after S5, but AU to S6
Warnings: permanent injury (both mental and physical), fluff, hurt/comfort
Summary: Some gifts last far longer than you had any reason to expect.
Author notes: Once again, this is firmly set in ratherastory's Fusion series, and you should absolutely check them out - the first one, at least, prior to reading this.  It'll make a lot more sense if you do, since I'm not bothering to explain anything.  
Thanks to brosedshield for some feedback.

At the onset of autumn, Bobby locked up and warded his yard before heading south in his CamaroCollapse )

Home Remedies (Dean, Sam, Bobby)
Violet and Klaus Baudelaire
 YAY new fic!  What a relief for this to arise in the midst of all the WIPs.  Originally I thought it would be part of another similarly themed fic, but then I decided noooooo, I really want to post something.

Title: Home Remedies
Rating: PG-13 for language
Word count: 765
Characters: Bobby, Dean (20), Sam (16)
Spoilers: none
Summary: Dean hates Sam's migraines more than Sam does.  That does not make him a mother hen, Bobby.
Credit: Thanks so much to my three lovely betas: brosedshieldwhereupon, and dime_for_12! ♥

I swear, you'd walk around with a bullet in your leg until I made you take it out.Collapse )