LaURa (_laur_) wrote,

Kyle and I broke up. He was saying such horrible things to me, I couldn't believe it. I ended up telling him to leave at like 4:30 in the flippin' morning the other night. We had a pregnancy scare and he couldn't deal with it...he kept suggesting the pill and abortion and shit. I did take 2 test and they are both negative, thank God. He made it crystal clear that he absolutely did not want a baby with me. Whatever. Good thing I didn't let me fall in love with him, otherwise everything would be so much harder. I do have to get used to sleeping by myself again, and that sucks. He was cool for a while, but he turned into an asshole.

Anywho, how is everyone? Besides not being able to pay rent this month, and listening to a guy tell you such rude things, I'm fine. Work is alright, but I'm still making 6 dollars an hour. I might move out to Gilroy California with my aunt Teresa, though. I need to get out of Georgia (again).

Well, I'm bout to head home from the library so I can clean and what not. Last night a couple friends and my sister and I got wasted. We're going to do it again last night, so if anyone wants to come, c'mon over!

Love ya'll and i'll update soon,


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