LaURa (_laur_) wrote,


This new year isn't starting out as I thought it would.

I got pulled over on New Years Day and got a ticket because I didn't have my licsense on me. Then she wrote me a ticket for speeding and another for the cracked windshield. 3 friggin tickets in one day, and this was the first time I ever got pulled over. Then the cop wants Emilie's licsense (thats my sister) and come to find out, Emilie's got 2 warrents out for her for some dumb "animal control" warrant. I was pissed. Then the fucking cop wants to search my truck because she noticed my pot-leaf ring. Bitch. All she found was an empty pack of rolling papers. Oh, and I'm almost $3000 in debt, $2000 of that which is for a student loan last year.

I do however, have some good news. I quit smoking cigarrettes and I have to quit smoking weed because I'M IN THE AIRFORCE!!!! Well, not quite yet. I just have to make sure my tickets are paid and I'm in. I'm re-taking my ASVAB next week, so wish me luck. The ASVAB is hard.

Anywho, about the Role Play thing. Not only will you be able to be a hobbit on this site, but also expand your literature and writing techniques. I'm excited! If anyone will be willing to help me get started, that would be great. ( I don't know how to make a website).

But yeah.

I'm off back to my house; the laundry's done!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everything goes well with everyone, and may your resolutions stay in tact. Love you!


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