LaURa (_laur_) wrote,


Damn my winter cold to HELL!

Argh. I already had the worst summer cold ever and now I get a flippin' cold in the midst of so many working hours! Speaking of work, I just finished a 56 and a half hour work week with no day off, and still only making $6.25 and hour. That sucks.

Caleb turned 2 months young on the 15th! He is such a cutie. I'll putting pictures up whenever I get the chance.

Um. Not alot has been going on though, besides me working my ass off.

Oh, and since I arrived in Georgia I've lost about 20 pounds and went down a whole size and a half. Go me!

Okay, well, since I don't want to bore ya'll with more uneventful tales, I shall leave you all with a hug and a kiss. XO


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