LaURa (_laur_) wrote,

And the beat goes on...

Things are already looking bright. It's a beautiful brand new day, and I'm putting the past behind me. I've not been crying over the loss of Brett(I did for a little bit), thus I have come to the conclusion that if I was in love with Brett, wouldn't I still be crying over him? *nods*

So yeah, I worked an 8 hour shift yesterday, closed up at 11 pm, (finally) fell asleep about 2 am and now I'm running on about 4 hours for another 8 hour shift! Hoorah! Although my hours are worthy to complain over, I shant because I will have lots of money this week! (7 hours overtime is cool).

But, bring on the day because I refuse to keep letting people bring my down. I'm a happy person, damnit.

Have a lovely day for all my lovelies,


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