April 25th, 2005


(no subject)

Hiya! I can't write long since I'm off to work here in a little bit, but first things first. Can someone pleeease help me fix my layout!? It looks like crap.

Okay, the last you heard was that Kyle and I broke up. I started dating a friend of mine I've known for about 3 years and it was the best thing that could happen to me. I love him, and he is so good to me. He loves me, too. I think we both loved eachother for a long time, but he had a bitch girlfriend, and I was constantly moving from Idaho back to Georgia.

Emilie (my older sister by 2 years) pretty much kicked me out of our place. I'm not sure why, but I think she's mad that she didn't get mom's car. Mom's car was in the shop and she told all of us kids that "whoever pays to get the car out of the shop, get's the car." Well, my car that I had in Washington finally sold, so I got it out. Therefore, it's my car. (Right?) So then I get a job on Tybee Island and I'm working full time and I usually didn't home to late since I got off at 5:30 and went straight to see Brandon. It's not my fault that she didn't save to get the car out in the first place. It is not my responsibility to take her where she needs to go when I have my own shit to worry about. I tried telling her that I would help her save to get a new one, but she wouldn't have that. She's such a bitch! And my brother!? Let's just say he is one selfish mother-bleep.

So here I am at my hunnies, heading off to work. I'm bout to get a 2nd job, so I need to go!

I still have stuff to talk about, so I hope ya'll don't get bored. Just tell me to shut the hell up, and I'll stop talking, hehe.

Love peace and chicken grease!