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don't worry who these jokes will all be lost on

come back to bed, my darling

Words of wisdom from a 7-year-old
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"Nana, maybe cars just aren't your thing." -Rori

try to make a mistake
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try to take responsibility for your own crappy life

So, I got into an accident. Completely my fault, and I am feeling a lot of regret, guilt, and terror. I'm typing with a possibly broken wrist, and I broke my neck (okay, not nearly as bad as it sounds -- I was so effing lucky). I'm dealing with consequences.

Aside from that, I am at my sister's house. Watched a shit load of 30 Rock today. Also, some Californication. Am still watching that.

I love The Lisps. They are a freat band. Check them out.

I also really like pie. But, haven't been too hungry lately. I just want hugs and hugs and hugs.

I guess that's all. I want a nap. And a stuffed puppy. I'm really, really weird.

I beg your pardon, geek?
weeds - nancy
So, it's been about two years since I visited this livejournal thing, and I miss it. It took me about 15 minutes to remember my password, and I was having a difficult time proving I was a human.

Anyway, I needed to write. I miss livejournal. I think I was funnier (and more obnoxious) when I was visiting livejournal regularly. I like writing inane things about ponies or whatever I have on my mind.

Now that I finally have a computer of my own(it's second hand from my good friend Your Mom. I apparently owe her drinks whenever we're out), I can write and be goofy on the internet again. Gosh, that sounds great.

It's my roller derby off season, which is sad. We'll have one practice a week so we can train the rookies. It's weird not to be a rookie cookie. I've been doing roller derby for one full year now. Shoving girls over is so much fun, especially while on skates. I can't see my world now without it.

I had a picnic last night. It was amazing. It was me, Brianna, Jessie and Jess sitting on my floor with a little checkered blanket and some Miyas Sushi (New Haven's finest!). Brianna works there now, so everything we get is free. It was delicious. Then, we watched this whacky movie titled "House" from 1977. It was kind of awesome.

I have cramps. This is something I used to blog about regularly. I recently learned that there's a REAL reason for this. I have cysts in my uterus. This will have to be dealt with soon, with surgery. This is what has been causing all of my back pain and such.

On a fun note, I'm watching Community! It's funny. I like funny.

<3 you all, even if I don't have any livejournal friends anymore. I'll find you. Creepy.

Edit: Apparently, my computer wanted livejournal to believe that I was writing this entry on January 1, 2003. Livejournal was not having it.

Being sneaky.
weeds - nancy
This is dismaldreary posting as Danielle. I just put up her new Winnie layout for her Birthday... which is technically tomorrow. So...

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY _lashingoutloud!!!!

Love you bitch. You're laughing at Futurama right now and are totally ignorant of my hacking! Bwhaha! The end.


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