February 6th, 2007

mitch dance

Don't want no short dick man...

А давайте сегодня тряхнем как следует стариной... Ну "Мираж" я выкладывать пока не буду, но кое-что у меня есть из 1995 года.

Isn't that cute - an extra belly button!
You need to put your pants back on, honey...

20FINGERS feat. GILLETTE - "Short Dick Man (uncensored version)"

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What in the world is that fucking thing?
Do you need some fucking tweezers to put that little thing away?
That has got to be the smallest dick I have ever seen in my whole life!
Get the fuck outta here!

P.S. Поем хором! ;-)

P.P.S. Скачиваем и отмечаемся, оф корз!
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