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Evil Chart Top-50. Best Villains.

После сотни моих любимых фильмов я обещал не мучить вас больше киночартами, но, каюсь, не сдержался! Все уже наверное знают мою страсть к злодеям в кино, и вот, вчерашний просмотр третьей части "Пилы" сподвиг меня на составление еще одного хит-парада... Оч. злого и неприятного :-)

1. The Joker/Jack Napier by Jack Nicholson in "Batman", 1989 & The Joker by Heath Ledger in "Dark Knight", 2008

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2. Dr. Hannibal Lecter by Anthony Hopkins in "The Silence Of The Lambs", 1991

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3. Lord Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker by David Prowse with the voice of James Earl Jones in "Star Wars", 1977

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4. Marquise Isabelle De Merteuil by Glenn Close in "Dangerous Liaisons", 1988

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5. Annie Wilkes by Kathy Bates in "Misery", 1990

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6. Jack Torrance by Jack Nicholson in "The Shining", 1980

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7. Lestat De Lioncourt by Tom Cruise in "Interview With The Vampire", 1994

8. Fantomas by Jean Marais in "Fantomas", 1964

9. Sauron/The Lord Of The Rings/The Dark Lord/The Red Eye by Sala Baker with the voice of Alan Howard in "Lord Of The Rings", 2001

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10. Nurse Mildred Ratched by Louise Fletcher in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest", 1975

11. Magneto/Eric Magnus Lesher by Ian McKellen in "X-Men", 2000

12. Catherine Tramell by Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct", 1992

13. California Mountain Snake/Elle Driver by Daryl Hannah in "Kill Bill", 2003

14. King Richard III by Ian McKellen in "Richard III", 1995

15. Norman Bates by Anthony Perkins in "Psycho", 1960

16. The Emperor Palpatine by Ian McDiarmid in "Star Wars", 1983

17. Catwoman/Selina Kyle by Michelle Pfeiffer in "Batman Returns", 1992

18. The White Witch/Jadis by Tilda Swinton in "The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe", 2005

19. Saruman The White by Christopher Lee in "Lord Of The Rings", 2001

20. Dracula by Gary Oldman in "Dracula", 1992

21. The Phantom/Eric by Gerard Butler in "The Phantom Of The Opera", 2004

22. Freddie Krueger by Robert Englund in "Nightmare On Elm Street", 1984

23. The Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot by Danny De Vito in "Batman Returns", 1992

24. Agent Smith by Hugo Weaving in "The Matrix", 1999

25. Pinhead by Doug Bradley in "Hellraiser", 1987

26. Darwin Mayflower by Richard E. Grant & Minerva Mayflower by Sandra Bernhard in "Hudson Hawk", 1991

27. Jigsaw/John Cramer by Tobin Bell in "Saw", 2004

28. King Xerxes I by Rodrigo Santoro in "300", 2007

29. Davy Jones by Bill Nighy in "Pirates Of The Caribbean", 2006

30. Lamia by Michelle Pfeiffer in "Stardust", 2007

31. Hans Gruber by Alan Rickman in "Die Hard", 1988

32. Dr. Evil by Mike Myers in "Austin Powers", 1997

33. Wuhuan by Nicholas Tse in "The Promise", 2006

34. Maximillian Shreck by Christopher Walken in "Batman Returns", 1992

35. Alex Forrest by Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction", 1987

36. Cotton Mouth/O-Ren Ishii by Lucy Liu in "Kill Bill", 2003

37. Lord Voldemort/Tom Riddle by Ralph Fiennes in "Harry Potter", 2005

38. Auric Goldfinger by Gert Frobe in "007: Goldfinger", 1964

39. The Shape/Michael Myers by Nick Castle in "Halloween", 1978

40. Miss Gulch/The Wicked Witch Of The West/The Wicked Witch Of The East by Margaret Hamilton in "The Wizard Of Oz", 1939

41. Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg by Gary Oldman in "The Fifth Element", 1997

42. Snake Charmer/Bill by David Carradine in "Kill Bill", 2003

43. Amon Goeth by Ralph Fiennes in "Schindler's List", 1993

44. Robert "Bob" Grey/Pennywise The Dancing Clown/It by Tim Curry in "Stephen King's It", 1990

45. Stansfield by Gary Oldman in "Leon", 1994

46. Mrs. Pamela Woorhees by Betsy Palmer in "Friday The 13th", 1980

47. The Terminator by Arnold Schwarzenegger in "The Terminator", 1984

48. Bob by Frank Silva in "Twin Peaks", 1990

49. Daryl Van Horne by Jack Nicholson in "The Witches Of Eastwick", 1987

50. Winifred "Winnie" Sanderson by Bette Midler, Sarah Sanderson by Sarah Jessica Parker & Mary Sanderson by Kathy Najimy in "Hocus Pocus", 1993

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