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30th July 2010

12:14am: Oooh look a journal
Ok P is not allowed more than one can of stimulants per day. Otherwise this is what happens. Meetings in a few hours time that have not been prepared for and much pondering about life and where the hell to go next.

Someone tell me the secret of contentment please.

30th August 2009

8:11pm: Gone to China
Paula should not flirt with well known sci-fi writers. China Mieville is my current favourite author not lessened by having just met him in person. A brain the size of Britain with biceps to match, gay then?

10th December 2008

11:14am: Apocalyptica in Glasgow
I am so moving to Finland!!!
Current Mood: Drooling over cellists

15th October 2008

2:05pm: Halloween Party
Sat 25th October at my flat.

My costume is coming together nicely :) and i'm scared that my workmate needs to spray paint her trousers gold???

30th September 2008

2:05pm: Halloween Party
I know I said I wouldn't but I think I will have another party at my flat seeing as how well the last one went.

So, advanced warning for costume preparation is being offered (come on you boring lazy buggers that don't usually bother). I don't know yet whether the weekend before or after is best so please feel free to let me know (and if Fri or Sat is best too).

My costume is going to depend on if the swelling has settled by then *prays* cos I have two ideas both of which require me not looking like a telly tubby.

26th September 2008

1:26pm: Our biggest enemy right now is Fear
No it's not it's the dirty great big bloody Vorlon planet-destroyer!!!

Ahem, watching back-back Babylon 5 whilst recovering from surgery does not do a great deal for your conversational skills.

I have also made it through 3.5 Brookmyres one of which (Sacred art of stealing) almost opened my wound right back up again from laughter near the end.

I have lots of offers of company in the evenings I just have to find better ways of spending my days whilst everyone else is at work/uni... so back to the last few episodes of season 4 then
Current Mood: bored

18th September 2008

10:20pm: My boyfriend is Awesome!
But I just can't get used to being looked after and run around after. I have promised to stop trying to do things though for fear of splitting stitches now but to be honest the biggest threat to that is the swine making me laugh (oh god the pain!)
Current Mood: loved

1st September 2008

9:59am: The tough questions
So yesterday in the car Shortie asks

"Why can't you and Daddy live in the same house again?" he continues with logic and reasoning including "I'd like to spend more time with Daddy and I'm sure you would like to see him more too so why can't we?"

As I struggle to find an answer that will make sense to him I babble about mummy and Daddy liking to see each other but having seperate lives and stuff now and how we would need a really big house to fit everyone one in and how mummy would go mad at all the men's wet towels on the floor when Stu pipes up from the side

"Great gaming though"
Current Mood: amused

28th August 2008

11:05am: Gentamicin exclusion assay in layman’s terms
Should be easy.

So I need to do an experiment that kills bacteria on the outside of human airway cells whilst leaving the ones inside alive so I can quantify how many bugs got into the cells.

The antibiotic gentamicin will kill any bacteria outside of the human cells but cannot get into the cells thus leaving internalised, protected bacteria alive. The first thing I have to do is determine what concentration of the antibiotic will kill the bacteria on the outside. I do this simply by incubating various concentrations of the drug with a known number of bacteria on their own, wash the drug off after an hour and then see how many bugs grow on an agar plate overnight.

The problem is that I get different results when I wash the bugs before using them Vs not washing them and thus leaving them surrounded by lots of proteins (molecules/enzymes) that they had been making before I used them.

The eternal problem as a scientist is trying to figure out which condition is more relevant to either the physiological situation or the purpose for which you need the tool to work in the first place.

Should be easy. Never is ;)
Current Mood: chipper
10:52am: My favourite restaurants
I have many memories, good and bad from various eateries in Edinburgh but here are a couple…

Stac Polly – Discovered this place with Elissa’s dad. I actually have fond memories (makes a change) of being wooed here for my birthday one year with G spending an awful lot of money which made a refreshing change from me attending to the bill.

Kublai Khan – Where we had Elissa’s first birthday party. I have some very cool photos of me and Liss from that night. Unfortunately we went back later and it had gone rather downhill.

The witchery – I was always promised to be taken here but we never got round to it, is it worth it?

Vittoria’s – Definitely my favourite Italian in Edinburgh. Their steak balsamico is the best steak I have ever had! Thank you Stu for this one.

Sushiya – I had amazing sushi here with my friend Craig after I had just had General K. Managed to eat at the bar on a stool crosslegged with K feeding under a blanket = Supermum *grin*

I’ve decided that meals out in cheap places tend to be very ho hum (with a couple of exceptions)and not really worth the effort so it’s gonna be the slightly pricier ones from now on (on recommendation only) I have a few suggestions from work folk already. I also need to get Stu experimenting more so we can find new places :) he is too fussy and I’m sure we can find dishes in any restaurant he will eat ( I promise not to make you eat Curry of any description :P)

24th August 2008

7:18pm: There is no better place to be
Than with your head on your loved one's chest with his scratchy beard against the top of your head and his hair lying in wisps over your shoulder.
Current Mood: loved

15th August 2008

10:18am: It's sad but I don't think one website has ever made me happier

There is something very wrong with you if you feel the need to dess your dog in the harem outfit (bottom right)
Current Mood: amused

11th August 2008

10:10pm: The flat is thoroughly warm
Wow isn't that just one of those words that looks more wrong the more you look at it (thoroughly)

Flat warming party was way better than I had hoped for and everyone had a great time despite there being a mix of gamers, work folk, old workmates, out of towners and one small ginger games fanatic.

Finished around 5am so I am sure that my neighbours will be shunning me from this point forward. Aisleen is desperate for me to have another party soon but I think it will have to be a once a year event or I really will be thrown out of the stair...

25 people singing along to singstar at the top of their voices can't be a good thing for more sober residents.
Current Mood: bouncy

6th August 2008

2:54pm: Flatwarming this Fri
Just a reminder to the facebook invite that my flatwarming party is this Friday (and in case I have missed anybody). Anytime after 7 is fine.
Current Mood: bouncy
2:50pm: Cognitive behavioural modification
This Sunday I get to spend the whole of Sunday with my little girl in absence of her father making the contact arrangement.

We're gonna go to the chinese state circus and watch people do things that you and I aint ever gonna be able to.

I forsee lots of sweeties and a visit to the stables too :D
Current Mood: happy

23rd July 2008

9:57am: For the last 8 weeks we have had a young medic in our lab doing a short MRC funded project. Yesterday was his leaving day so he brought me some chocolates into my office.

Two of the other girls happened to be sitting there while he said his goodbye.

MissP: "So give me a shout and we can go out for a drink sometime" (intended in a purely plutonic fashion)
Medic: *turns a lovely shade of crimson* and stammers.. "oh, uh, i'm free now we could go now" *realises it is only 3pm* "Oh but you're probably busy, like, working and stuff" (obviously doesn't know me very well)

I'm sure I shouldn't have found it as amusing as I did but it was quite adorable.

Women are evil!
Current Mood: amused

22nd July 2008

8:55am: The disappointing truth
So basically what I have to accept is that there are no, and never were, any such things as knights (of the shining or slightly dented variety). Even if there were I am sure they would be much more interested in running around fighting each other and shagging any woman they came across than rescuing them from poor situations or scaly dragons.

Oh, also I am not an elven princess, more a goblin queen. i will definately however be going back here next year

Aikido hurt less today but is too expensive if I want to do capoiera and karate as well. Getting up at 6am is good for me though I think.
Current Mood: sore

18th July 2008

8:31am: Optimism
I take back a previous post. I went to see The Mist with Stu and Sammy on Wed night and felt completely happy and at ease. Highlights of the evening included

“Ugh she’s an uggo, ok so not a complete munter just really plain and boring” (Just before we went into the film) “Yeah but she likes talking her kit off and photographing herself for public viewing”, “What to take the attention away from her pus?” (Male friends are way better at this stuff than female ones. They have a sort of ruthless, blunt sincerity about them)

“That’s what happens when you masturbate with chainsaws” (making P laugh outloud embarrassingly at a non funny part of the film)

“I liked it when the spiders went wheeee *thrusts with groin* and shot their little spunk bubbles of acid at people”. Sammy, displaying something short of his usual finesse with words but making our pizza hut rant about the dire piece of nonsense that was the mist somewhat less fierce.

Twas a good night!
Current Mood: happy
7:27am: Small hitch in the plans for word domination
You know that you’re a grown-up when you start reading the minutes of the last bank of England meeting and looking up Reuters latest articles on world economy.

I really did prefer blissful ignorance when none of this seemed to affect me but having 2 mortgages which are due to end their fixed period (why, god why, did I not opt for 5 or even more years?) I really need to get a little smarter with money. I’m not all that bad already but there's a difference between surviving without debt and putting money in smart places.

Nevermind, I have a wealthy *cough* benefactor who promises to keep me in corsets when I go bankrupt
Current Mood: worried

14th July 2008

1:42pm: Sucky
I have many very good friends, don’t get me wrong. Many wonderful, funny, intelligent, supportive friends. However this weekend threw me into a major slump as I attended a gathering with a lot of people that I don’t know very well that reminded me too much of what I have lost and cannot regain.

I miss Alex and Keef and Mr Cooper. I miss having a group where I belonged and felt able to be myself. Able to mock unrestrainedly and be fondly tormented to hell when I expose my true blondeness. I miss watching B movies and talking over them more than the dialogue written in the script (mystery science theatre had nothing on us). I miss playing games and watching anime and eating American bought every flavour beans and killing myself laughing at Al eating sardine flavour only to retch mine into the bin.

I miss ballroom dancing with my best friend in a dingy poorly lit club amongst a bunch of Goths who really didn’t approve of the merriment. I miss the photos and the nights out. I miss walking across the quarry with Keef holding me up one side and Al the other as I insist on wearing the most ridiculous heels I can find. And I miss receiving texts about the bunny invasion and having to hunt down the general by myself.

I miss my best friend most of all. Too much has passed to wish that friendships could be re-established and there are things I cannot forgive but I no longer feel that I will ever find myself at home in such a group again. I had family and now I don’t.

Bad weekend.

10th March 2008

2:43pm: One of my slinkier babies.

McCreedy on arm
Originally uploaded by mistress_latrodectus
This is McCreedy. I would post one of Pliskin but I can't get him not looking evil as the flash reflects off him too much.
2:42pm: Raar I am a dinosaur, what do you mean you don't believe me?

Obe at home
Originally uploaded by mistress_latrodectus

2:41pm: You don't need to stop believing in fairytale when you get a dragon for your birthday.

Obe on arm
Originally uploaded by mistress_latrodectus
Introducing Obe as named by Liss.

17th February 2008

1:40pm: Aint he cute

Sleepy Stu
Originally uploaded by mistress_latrodectus
It's a very sleepy Stu

8th February 2008

12:27pm: Salma Hayak in snake dancing con!
Aha, I've just youtubed the bit in From Dusk til Dawn, you know the one, we ALL know the one.

Reason being I was trying to do the drinking beer from the leg bit and apart from being highly comical it isn't all that difficult... well not if you have hypermobility in your joints which I do.

However what I never noticed before is that she doesnt actually dance in it! Lots of exagerated walking and a little wiggle of the bum and a bending of the back occasionally but that's it.

I guess when you have a body like that you can army crawl across the stage and it will look phenomenal ;)

I don't think it would be quite the same with my snakes they're a tad on the small side, speaking of which my freezer is out of mice so I need to restock asap.
Current Mood: flirty
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