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la-de-da by mysscryss

turn it off!

Will someone please turn off these emails that keep inviting me to "special sales"?

I keep shopping that way . . .

So, I was just shopping at bluefly, because today they're having a "private sale" for about a million people. I was going through the tshirt section, because that's just about all I could afford and noticed a cute one . . . I went to click on it until I saw the price . . . It was 62% -- which brought the price down to $332. Yeah, I think I'll skip that one.

I ended up with a purse (because I was just about out) a pair of fuschia rainboots (there's a huge market for them here) and a pink skirt. I almost bought a black coat. I'm not sure why I didn't. Probably because I shouldn't have been shopping in the first place.

I've read a whopping 2 chapters of Harry Potter. ;o)
la-de-da by mysscryss

a coupla things. . .

I either need to start eating the fruit I buy or stop buying fruit.

I love zappos.com. I ordered shoes at 8pm last night and chose regular free sheeping. They usually upgrade to priority mail and my shoes are at my door in 2 days . . . . so I was expecting to have them by Tuesday or Wednesday. They emailed me and said they upgraded me to next day Fedex and my shoes would be ere MONDAY. Wow. I hope the shoe fits ;o)

Last nights What not to Wear was really annoying . . . and what's with the new Peoples Court music?

I love Raven who just taught me how to make butterbeer . . . now I'm going to get really fat . . . but at least I'll be happy ;o)