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searchin for light in the darkness of insanity

12 August

The WeatherPixie

80's music, amélie, annie leibovitz, anthropologie, beagles, ben folds, best in show, bono, books, bookstores, born bella, camper shoes, cheese, cherry chapstick, chianti, chocolate, cirque de soleil, crosswords, david lynch, dogma, dogs, earthquakes, elphaba, elvis costello, fargo, fiction, found objects, garden state, gregory macguire, grosse pointe blank, hair, handbags, harry potter, hound dogs, hounds, ice cream, ipod, jackie brown, john hughes, john irving, john malkovich, john stewart, jones soda, kevin spacey, labello, lip gloss, lipbalm, lipglass, lollipops, lucky brand jeans, mac cosmetics, makeup, margaret atwood, matt lauer, meteorology, migraines, monks of new skete, monster in a box, movies, naps, neil gaiman, nike, nordstrom, northern exposure, olive the other reindeer, owen meany, peter gabriel, pizza crust, platinum blonde, pop fiction, powerbook, pulp fiction, purses, quentin tarantino, reading, robert forster, run lola run, san diego zoo, scrubs, seabiscuit, shiseido red, shoes, shopping, sleep, sleeping, snoopy, socks, spaulding gray, stephen colbert, target, the colbert report, the container store, the daily show, the edge, the fifth element, the george washington university, the nightmare before christmas, the princess bride, the sopranos, the west wing, thursday next, tiffanys, tim burton, tim robbins, timbuk2, tony levin, tori amos, twin peaks, u2, vanilla, vespa, wallace and gromit, weather, what not to wear, wheresgeorge, wicked, william wegman, yoda, yoga, zach braff