July 7th, 2005

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Public Service Announcement

According to the United Kingdom Office for National Statistics, 26 May 2005

37% of people in the UK died of heart disease and stroke in 2004. 27% died of cancer. 14% respiratory (and pneumonia)

According to Key Population and Vital Statistics (2003, Series VS No 20, PP1 | No 26, ISSN 1469-2732) by the same office, there were 3,648,000 males and 3,739,800 females living in London in mid 2003. 27,595 Males, 30,147 Females died in 2003

While these statistics are not for exactly the same time period, they do represent trends that most likely are similar to what is happening today. Combining those statistics, 58.5 people will die of heart disease and stroke today in London. 42.7 will die of cancer today in London. 22.1 will die of respiratory disease and pneumonia today in London.

I am very sad that 40 people died needlessly today in a terrorist attack in London. It is disturbing that the world we live in will fall to such tactics. Strikes on civilian targets that have no direct impact upon whatever cause you are protesting have no place even if you are pushed by society to a place where violence seems to be the only answer. Their only purpose is shock and terror. And the more shock and terror we feel, the more we encourage them to occur again.

More people will die in London today from Heart Disease and Stroke than from Terrorist Attacks. More people will die in London today from Cancer than from Terrorist Attacks. And people die of Cancer and Heart Disease every day, not just today. Approximately 21,000 people will die in London this year from Heart Disease and Stroke, and 15,000 will die of Cancer.

We have much bigger issues than terrorism. But the more we play up the effects of terrorism, the more it will occur. Heart Disease is more dangerous than bombs, even in Iraq. But the bombs get press coverage, the bombs provide the fear that the terrorists are looking for.

My condolences to the families and friends of those who died in London today.