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18th November 2008

10:39pm: Merlin 1x09

This, um, kinda got long... I loved this episode so much!  My random thoughts:

Spoilers, spoilers, and, oh, right, more spoilers!Collapse )

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10th November 2008

12:28am: Merlin 1x08
Spoilers!Collapse )

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8th November 2008

12:49am: Merlin 1x07

Random thoughts on the episode:

Really, really random...Collapse )



Arthur & the ladies


Sophia vs. Morgana...Collapse )



Merlin/Arthur interactions:


squeee!Collapse )

Gender issues

am I taking this show too seriously?Collapse )



Nitpicky bits:

i.e., how obsessive can I be?Collapse )
And... wow, took me a week to get this review up... it's almost time for the next episode!!! *anticipation!*
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26th October 2008

12:47am: Merlin 1x06, trailer for 1x07
I am unbearably excited about the next episode of Merlin, which apparently involves spoiler!Collapse )

SGA was the first fandom I was involved in "real time" - my prior ones were ones that were already off air before I discovered them, or books, which don't quite have the same kind of time scale as TV fandom - but to be honest, I didn't anticipate the episodes themselves so much as the fic (and squee about the slashiness) that would come from the episodes.  Mainly, I think it was because I was invested in and interested in the character interactions/ relationships, whereas TPTB and the show writers were interested in the sci-fi gadgets/ blow-things-up plots.  My favorite episodes were the ones that were focused on the characters.  I was more interested in the fanfic, since the fanfic did a better job with the world-building and exploring the characters (ok, and the slashy goodness that wouldn't ever be canon). 

With Merlin, on the other hand, I anxiously await each episode.  Maybe it's just the first flush of fandom love, and it'll fade as the series gets further into the season.  Or it's because the characters are so new to me, that each episode brings new information, new revelations, so there's a lot of anticipation as to what else will be revealed.  But I think part of it has to do with the way this series is framed around the developing relationships between the characters, so each episode should be giving more information about their futures/ their relationships/ possible betrayals.  In this series, it won't just be the fic that delves into the characters' motivations and builds their relationships -- at least, that's my hope.

As for episode 6, spoilers!Collapse )
*sigh* not enough Arthur/ Merlin in this ep! 
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19th October 2008


So, I’m totally addicted to this new show where the once and future king of Camelot, currently a hot young prince, and Merlin, the legendary sorcerer, but currently a dorky (but adorable) manservant to said hot young prince, frolic against the backdrop of a gorgeous but rather anachronistic (French) castle. 

I’m current to episode 5 (meaning I spent this weekend with it playing on repeat), where...

(cut for spoilers)Collapse )

Anyway, the short version is that I loved this ep – not as much Arthur/Merlin as in ep 4, but lots of interesting tidbits and world-building.  Can’t wait for the next ep!

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16th October 2008

9:27pm: drabble meme
Gacked from adina_atl: The first 5 people to comment on this post get to request a drabble from me. In return, you have to post this meme in your journal. Post all fandoms you're willing to write for.

Prompt me - I've never done this before. Merlin (BBC); Whistle!; Stargate Atlantis; Detective Academy Q (Tantei Gakuen Q); Slam Dunk; Hikaru No Go.

23rd January 2007

8:11am: In case you come looking...
Hi - I just did a massive round of friending - but you likely don't know me. I got this journal to keep together a list of people whose journals I've been reading, but I'm mainly a lurker. I'm resolving this year to try to participate more & give more feedback. If I've friended you, it's because I've been reading your journal & like what you've written. Ideally, this year I'll come out & say that to you on your lj :)

I'm definitely not used to this entire public diary thing - I've never even been good at keeping a private one - so I probably won't post much. Anyway, just wanted to put something up here in case you noticed the friending.
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