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The reason is simple, i dont need a "personal" journal and it is a waste to occupy this username as well, i will delete it and everything will go to sadicque; occasionally i post about my personal life but it is mostly: fanfics, icons, music rotation and other.


please go to sadicque  now, thank you

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Loveless, Eyeshield21, D.Gray-man, Bleach & others

This time around a considerably smaller post, feel free to friend me and you can ask me to customize anything you like, hehe =)

Loveless: 19(Soubi, Ritsuka, Yayoi , Kyou & Hawatari)
Eyeshield 21 (Hiruma & Sakuraba): 20
D.gray-man: 22(Rabi, Allen, Rhodo & Miranda)
Dr.Ten works: 1 (Friends Only BANNER)
Bleach: 2 (Ichimaru Gin)
Other: 1


remember that textless are bases!


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This is the biggest icon batch i have ever made and it is truly yaoilicious <3

Bleach: 11
Cut: 4
Deathnote: 20
Devil May Cry 3: 5
Dr ten: 11
Evangelion: 1 
Final Fantasy: 2
Gakuen Heaven: 3
Getbackers: 7
Gravitation: 1
Harry Potter: 1
Loveless: 16
Misc: 34
MPD pscycho: 1
Naruto: 11
Okane ga Nai: 4
Peacemaker kurogane: 3
Prince of Tennis: 1
Saiyuki : 2
Sensitive Pornograph: 3
Sukisyo: 23
Togainu no Chi: 3
X: 1
YAOI: 41

Total:  212


Texteless icons are bases

Please COMMENT <3

Credit makes me love you


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Hey! now that the colorbar fever is down, its time to iconize..! its a semi-big update with...

Bleach (5): Shuuhei, Urahara, 2 YachiruxKen and Ichimaru Gin.
Meine Liebe (4): Edo, Lui, Camus and Orphe.
Misc (11): FF:ADVENT CHILDREN, Yuki Kaori works, cgs.
PoT (15): dont know the name of the charas xD
Soul Hunter (2)
Sukisyo (2)
Togainu no Chi (5)
YnM (4)

Total:  48

Please comment <3


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Hey..! long time no see =] But I'm back with a huge update...! and lots of yaoi goodness...!

Peace Maker Kurogane:4 (two in spanish)
Misc (Weiss Kreuz, Oh My Goddess, Furuba,CCS, Ayano Yamane Illusts,FMA,etc): 8
Naruto: 8 (yaoi and  animated goodies)
Misc. Yaoi (Ayano Yamane illusts,Final Fantasy,etc) :15



Remember that requests are open.

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