private shit & you know.


&& i'm not looking for any new additions for a while
♥ krysta

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you may promote to me here.
unless it's a promo for bleeding beauty
you WILL be reported for spam
half of the community are skanks
and rude for no reason.
i dont want it on my page.

My suggestions:
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Wow a lot has went on since my last update! Lol. I work all the time, go to school and raise my kids. Hello most boring human alive!!! Lol as always please remember to add me on Facebook :) name Krysta frasher or email ;)

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man vs food?
this show kinda makes me sick to ny stomack sometimes. like when hes eatting 15 lbs of something....and his face is sweaty and greasy and he has a look on his face like he was just forced to devour an entire chinese buffet.

it kinda makes me not wanna eat. all im sayin.

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i finally got a new phone! updates later

Post from mobile portal
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happy easter!
I spent the day at Dannys moms and then went n got Kaleigh. I feel bad bcuz I really haven't been spending a lot of time w my mom and my brother just recently moved out. So she's experiancing that whole empty nest depression.

Add me on myspace! or facebook. Krysta frasher

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I'm going to rant. I hate females who clearly have to self-respect at all. I also hate females who think they're going to take someone elses boyfriend. I have never in my life done that. I'm also not the female to be fucked with. But honestly? I trust Danny. Regardless of what I tell him. So the fact is, while he's showing me their emails and texts, I'm laughing. There is a reason they're exes and I'm not concerned. Its just ridiculous that some people can't seem to stop being such sluts. :)

Also, me and Danny are moving!!!!!! We got a house in Chesapeake and I can't wait to get the hell out of here. We're both about to get new jobs too so that's exciting. I can't wait to stop being so damn broke all the time lol.

I got a blackberry so I'll probably be on LJ a lot more now.

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oh cliche.
seeing as lj has become a popularity contest
im not adding anyone new
in fact, i just deleted over 80 people.
i like my friends list.
dont use the freaking promo entry to ask to be added
thats another way to get banned.
oh yes, and ive already asked lj abuse about this
for those of you moronic cunts trying to get my lj suspended
now report me because youre a faggot.
i can say what i want
thanks kids

this is a public entry
not really one for my lj friends
just one im gonna keep up for a while =)

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say it to my face, bitch
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