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Holy shit. I don't even know how to put down into words how awesome the show was, but I will try.

Harmony, Neil, and I got to the arena just in time before the massive amounts of people flooded in. There were tons of people wearing Gaga costumes and others that were just decked out in fabulousness. We had general admission floor tickets so we had to be tactful on our mission to get to the front of the stage. Harmony was very helpful in that aspect because she was the one who led the way. We scooted our way around the outside of everyone and just sneakily waited for the drunk people in the front to move. Some how we ended up at the right side of the stage next to the fence.

Once the Scissor Sisters came on stage I knew the rest of the night was going to be a fucking great time. They had such bouncy energy during their set even though it was only a half hour long. They managed to play every song of theirs that I wanted to hear. "Any Which Way" was the first song. "Take Your Mama", "I Don't Feel Like Dancing", and the best song ever "Filthy and Gorgeous". They had such fun dances to go along with every song. Neil and I completely lost it when "Filthy and Gorgeous" started. Jake (one of the singers) stripped out of his shiny leather jump suit down to his shiny leather thong. He has a giant package haha. And Ana's diva monologue was hilariously awesome.

It took about a half hour for the stage to be set for Gaga. When the show started the entire floor shook from the bass. I felt all of my insides vibrating. Everyone around us feeling the same way. She started with "Dance in the Dark" standing on scaffolding that resembled something from "Rent". Her dancers hanging all around her. One of my favorite parts of the show was when she was singing "Just Dance" and everything turning into the most jumpy awesome hot mess on the floor. Everyone's hands flying in the air accented by flashing lights. Me headbanging and flailing around like a crazy.

There was a storyline that when along with the show. Gaga and her friends wanted to take us to the Monster Ball but her car broke down. There was a smoking car on stage and she lifted the hood up and IT TURNED INTO A FUCKING KEYBOARD.

I need to mention the band before I get too carried away because they added so much to the show. Her harp player had her harp strapped to her body so she could run all over the stage. The violin player had the same type of deal going on. And then there was the lead guitarist Jesus. Yes Jesus. A long curly haired ripped sex on a stick of a man that played the most gorgeous glittery guitars. He would stand by us a lot so I had ample time to dance and sing at him while Gaga was elsewhere on the stage. He was so nice! He flicked a couple guitar picks at us but they didn't make it over the fence so we couldn't get one. :(

The show went on with several set changes and every single one of them was so detailed. There was a set that was in the woods where all the monsters came out. The dancers were also fucking amazing.

Ok ok here comes the best part ever:

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My livejournal is 10 years old!

Happy birthday _krystalena! You are the longest journal I have ever kept. You have been with me through thick and thin!

To celebrate let us laugh at the utter stupidity that was my mid to late teen self.

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Me: "AHH! I just saw a commercial for Vitamin Water with Gary Busey in it."

Dave: "He is crazy! You should meet him."

Me: "I don't wanna! YOU go meet him."

Dave: "I want you to."

Me: "He might bite me with his crazy teeth and give me rabies."

Dave: "You're sassy, you can fight him off!"

Me: "I think I will get coffee instead."

Dave: "NOOOO! Okay."

Dave: "You're mean today...you won't meet Gary Busey for me."


Hi LJ!

Long time no post!

This is how I feel today:


I love my wonderful friends. :)
"The first way Counting Crows ever sounded, it was me and Dave in bars and coffee houses playing open mics, doing this song this way. The song begins with a guy walking out the front door of his house, and leaving behind this woman . But the more he begins to leave people behind in his life, the more he feels like he's leaving himself behind as well. The less and less substantial he feels like he's becoming to himself. And that's sorta what the song's about because he feels that even as he disappears from the lives of people, he's disappearing more and more from his own life. The chorus is, he sorta keeps screaming out these idioms these lessons that your mother might say to you when you were a kid, sorta child lessons ya know, 'round here we always stand up straight'..'carving out our names'." Adam Duritz on the song Round Here.

This is just another song about the rain...

I can sense it

I woke up at 7:30 this morning, drank a pot of coffee, then walked for three miles. The heat consumed me and I felt sweat everywhere. The smells of summer morning, the mixture of starch from Plantenga's and fried food from Idle Hour. Humidity, plants, flowers. Anonymous people smiling, saying good morning to me as they pass. My ipod sings to me all the right songs as balls of fluff float around. People doing push ups in the park. Black asphalt radiating mirages. The sun is nice. It shines over and everything is glistening. Trees, street signs, graves. I come home and take the hottest shower. I lay in bed realizing that I haven't spoken yet. When I do my voice is barely there.
I know I never write in here anymore but I feel like it right now for some reason. Also I feel like drawing stick illustrations.

Today was epic! It all started with a successful trip to the Christ community church garage sale with my mom where I found an awesome mosaic picture frame for 25 cents. Then I called Sara and Scott up to see if they wanted to go to The Feast of the Strawberry Moon with me. We all met up at my house and away we went.

The festival is pretty much the closest thing Grand Haven can offer as a renaissance fair but it focuses on American Pioneer Days. It still is a good reason to dress up in knickers and feathery hats. We didn’t dress up but we did get to tap into everything the festival had to offer.

After we felt satisfied with our geekness, the three of us wandered around the streets of Grand Haven where there was apparently an art show going on complete with music, artwork, and general over-priced everything. I did see some photography that used cross processing. I felt smart for a minute until shiny things distracted me again.

All of a sudden, we realized that we had yet to meet our meat-on-a-stick quota for the day. Sara had a bratwurst (dickonastick) at the fair but clearly it wasn’t meaty enough for this epic day so we ate pronto-pups (basically the best corn-dogs ever) in the grass near the boardwalk and discussed the best ways to use the sticks after one was done eating the fried goodness on it.

As a reward for meeting the meat-on-a-stick quota (seven in case you were wondering) we decided to get ice cream cones, watch people be idiots on the boardwalk, and spark up our never dying conversations about Neil Gaiman novels and how said novels would be as films. (We decided that Anansi Boys would be made before American Gods. Or rather it would be easier to make. The storyline is less confusing. Plus we can never agree on our dream cast of American Gods and we imagine Neil Gaiman can’t either, which is probably why there is never going to be a movie. Sadface.)

Somehow we teleported to Applebees where Scott and Sara expressed their preferred ways of disposing of a dead body and I expressed my love for tasty beverages.

After that, Sara went home to get her nap on. Scott and I went to my house watched a few videos made by the lovely nostalgia chick. She reminds me of pretty much all of my friends so I will probably continue watching her stuff.

So yes, very good day.

Yea yea its a little late but whatev.

a video i made of festivus

I've had that song stuck in my head for days now.


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