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Changing Livejournal Names

Posted on 2007.03.26 at 22:59
If you love me at all...

add my new name to your friends list!!


That is all,
I heart everyone today >:)


More Heroes Fun Stuff

Posted on 2007.03.26 at 00:23
Since I've recruited a posse of Heroes fan's, I thought I'd drop a few links that can be found on nbc's Heroes webpage. Heroes decided that it wants to make a symbiotic relationship with the internet and make people think it is more real.

**WARNING** May contain spoilers

Mohinder Suresh's Map

Hiro's Blog (Most posts have been deleted due to current plotline)

Activating Evolution

Primatech Paper (the company Bennet 'works' for)

'Wireless's Blog (A character introduced in later episode)

Theres a lot more to be found aswell, but its generally best to catch up on the episode's first otherwise you're getting information overload.

There is also a graphic novel you can download chapter by chapter. They come out between episodes and it's used as a little bit of filler, or introduction to some characters or backstory that the show doesn't fill.



Posted on 2007.03.24 at 09:32
Heroes, 1, 2, 3 and possibly 4 tonight (or 5 too).

It's a go. Tentative schedule for ... 7/8 unless otherwise specified.

Whats everyone doing during the day ?.. I was woken up at 9:30.. 9:30!!! ARRR!


Oh Noes

Posted on 2007.03.22 at 22:52
Current Mood: blankblank
100 things about me.... stolen, like a theif!Collapse )


I see Becca!

Posted on 2007.03.22 at 14:57
So, becca was in the paper, April 27th, 2005.

For what, you ask?

to participate in the Rotary Club of Winnipeg's Model United Nations Assembly, (MUNA).

For those that think this is odd, or weird, I just felt like posting it. I had a rush order today in placement to make up a poster for the Rotary Club and we had to pull some images from the server - Becca's being one of them.

Great when you can point at a computer screen and say "I know her!"

Becca, prepare to see yourself (but not your phone number) on walls and bulletin's around Dryden.

I'm like 100% sure that they mixed up the name order in the article for the paper though.

Thats all!



Posted on 2007.03.20 at 22:13
Poker night officially at my house this Friday.


Heroes Marathon?

Posted on 2007.03.19 at 15:57
Alright, theres a possibility of Heroes Marathon this Saturday at my place, though - it won't be a definite unless I get some serious interest.

So, who wants to start if off with the first 3/4 episodes of the greatest tv series in the world?

Saturday night, my house? Interested? Hmm, Hmm?

Alright, so it has been forever since I last posted. I've been working at my job placement trying to chip away at my 512 required hours, can' wait until May when it's complete. I'm upset with internet explorer and their CSS inadequacy's, jump on the bandwagon - it's no wonder Firefox has gained so much momentum and appeal over you.. you.. outdated blue e.
a flaming fox is way cooler.

So it was St.Patty's day at C's house, I got there fashionably late.. 12:40ish, woot. Somehow that night, I managed to get some kind of bleach on my hoody and pants, I wonder where this came from though. Jer, Hmmmm?

Saw Edana for the first time in a couple months, woot! Go healing powers - she'll be back on the racetrack in no time (lol).
Oh, and green props to Becca for the edible green cake. My favorite part was the icing. I would have way rather had green icing on my clothes than bleach though.. :(

We all finally fell asleep around 7am after watching several movies. I woke up at 2, and 3, and .. 5. After 5 her dad called, highway was closed due to weather from Winnipeg to Sioux Lookout? alright, so I left half an hour after to travel the highway back into town - so smart. I couldn't see my lane, but I wasn't going very fast, I would just swerve a little to oncoming vehicles.

I spent the remainder of Sunday evening re-designing my room. I no longer had doors to my closet so I thought, why not put my computer in my closet!? Thinking that it was a better idea to go through absolutely everything in my closet at this time, i didn't realize what a huge job it was. by 2am I had the majority of everything cleaned and put away or organized. I just have a stack of photo albums, bills, receipts, pay stubs, school work, magazines, comic books, and nerd stuff to go through. Each of these mentioned items have 'their own stack' of sorting - so.. one thing at a time i suppose. With my computer in my closet I have so much more room, it looks livable. Though, when I'm downloading torrents while I sleep I should find something to cover the blue light that looks like an alien abduction is happening in my room emanating from the computer.

I've started working on Tattoo4u's website again, but also trying to think of a name to use for my own design company. Any suggestions?



Posted on 2007.02.25 at 05:14
I'd like to make a correction from my previous post.

Unbenownst (my word.. horribly mangled) to me, The date I am coming up to Winnipeg was not correct!! Which means, I'll be scrambling to book a completely different date off work!

I will be in Winnipeg, on March 7th, 8th, and leaving on the 9th

yea.. I just found that out today, less than 2 weeks. SHHHIIITT



Posted on 2007.02.21 at 11:11
Well, besides from being unbelievably busy. Placements Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm + 3-5 Shifts a week at Pizza hut immediately following placement, life is goin' alright. Just thought I'd let u all know in case you forgot I existed.

Just for an FYI, I will be in Winnipeg March 16,17,18 provided I have those days free from work. I'll be traveling up with 3 friends from school @ Thunder Bay to visit peoples and get my drink on.

If you plan on sticking around Winterpeg that weekend make sure to toss me a shout. or gimme a call at home. (dryden #)


Google Earth

Posted on 2007.01.03 at 00:44
I dont feel like talking much but thought I would share this.

Dryden, V.Bay, and a couple other places around NW Ontario now have an updated Satellite Image in Google Earth.

I spent a few hours looking at my friends houses, trying to pinpoint the date the image was taken. Apparently sometime after the Fall Fair.. It was a sunday, most of the stores were closed, not much traffic. My parents vehicle is parked at my grandparents house.. I'm not there, I had left for Thunder bay a few days before the Fair.. so its justafiable that I couldn't find my car anywhere.

its neat to look at.

And by neat I mean AWESOME!

i have no life

Posted on 2006.12.17 at 21:00

I died in the Dungeon of Krotch

I was killed in a mosaic-tiled burial chamber by Use Your Shoe the fire elemental, whilst carrying...

the Amulet of Gryphons, the Axe of Fyre Fly 17, the Dagger of Aaron Geesus, the Sceptre of Kirby, the Amulet of Just Some Guy , the Sword of Stuman , the Armour of Camping, the Axe of Paranormal, the Axe of Skullzboy, the Armour of String Theory, the Armour of She Said , the Armour of Jerrimunkey and 105 gold pieces.

Score: 90

Explore the Dungeon of Krotch and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...


Summary of Christmasy events...

Posted on 2006.12.16 at 23:08
Okay, well forgive me if this doesnt have any kind of flow to it. I'm gonna wing it and you'll love it.

Drove around for about four hours a week or so ago with Sarah, my cd player broke so instead we started taking christmas songs and replacing the words with vulgarities and slandering our college/residence. It was awesome.

My mom came into Tbay today, picked up a vehicle load of my stuff. Cole and my lil sister came along for the ride, he tried to convince me to move in with him when I get back to Dryden.. tempting offer.

Woke up this morning terribly thirsty for water.. mmmm.. As per the events of last night, read below.

Farewell Party for 3rd Year Multimedia students...
Our program coordinator hosted a party at his house for the third years (which included me!).. Myself and my vehicle load of people showed up a little early and we started off the drinking festivities. All was good, soon more people showed up to a totall of about 95% of the multimedia population plus a few stragglers. Bond came by, we went outside and had a 'smoke'.. Wow, that sent the night reeling into hilarity and confusion.

After finishing the last half of my 26'r of Bacardi I whipped out my cam and started snapping shots, still reeling from the effects of the numbing drug I had earlier consumed. I was forced a beer - to which my consumption approved.

After a few hours at Kevin's we all headed out down the road to Pierre 61, a lowly bar in a hotel. (but it had kareoke and cheap pitchers).

Outside for a smoke, we hear news that our Program Coordinator was pulled over by the police on his way to the bar. Aparently you're not suppose to carry open alcohol down a public street.. .. who woulda thunk it? .. Annnyway, some of my class mates who were with him didn't seem to make matters and better when they got in the police's face.. Either way.. in the end they got out of it without a fine or anything. The best part was we got to watch everything from probably only 200 feet away while we were smoking outside.

Working into my pitcher of Rickards.. mmm... I hear a familiar song.. Could it be... Collision Course Crew - Sexy Crime?!?!

(as a side note.. Sexy Crime was a song that Kris Krause, Sarah Munroe, Nick Martel, Cody Vaillant, Stu Brown, Andrew Brown, and myself compiled. Yea, I totally rapped... ask me later for the audio - you'll shit your pants.)

Part of the video taken at the scene of the 'crime' can be seen HERE

So.. they played our song at the bar, which.. obviously got most of the class singing the song NO ONE ELSE EVER HEARD! We're such nerds, and outnumbering any other group at the bar with at least 25+ people.

Then about 12-15 people get up on the tiny kareoke stage and start singing(read 'Screaming') Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Link is provided HERE

Kyle almost got lost on the frozen river... Wheelchair Jeffy fell out of his wheelchair and threw up ALL OVER HIMSELF.. ew.  My teachers represented well, 4 of them were at the party, havin a good time.. Some moreso than others.

If you want to see images, sign up to Facebook and check out the album I uploaded there, tonnes.

Sign up and search for my full name - you should find it easily enough. Its awesome.. Beats the bejesus out of myspace.

Anyway, see some of ya on MONDAY!!


Dreams are weird.

Posted on 2006.12.04 at 21:10
After just reading a post about someones dream, i thought I would add my own. Since very rarely do I ever remember having dreams but this one for some reason or another is imbeded in my mind.

I had a child, a little boy. He was like a few days old probably, maybe weeks.. who knows. but he was my son, apparently. I left for one minute, then when I came back he was still there, but in different clothes.. and walking.. I somehow knew his name, well, obviously since I was his father.. But I had to make note of that for later in my dream.

I lost my son in walmart.

I spent a few hours looking for him, EVERYWHERE, except, walmart was huge, like a city. I knew I couldnt go to the main desk and get them to 'page' my son, or look for a boy with the name of '....' right. At this point in the dream I realise I've forgotten my very own sons name!

It was hell, and stressful. Wow, I don't want kids, but I do.. but not ones that grow up within minutes and then get themselves lost in walmart.

A few unanswered questions?

Why wouldnt I remember my own sons name?
How does a child age at least two years in minutes, without diapers?
How was this baby conceived, 'I' Didn't give birth, where/who is the mom?
Why would I leave a baby/infant unatended in walmart in the first place?

Strange, no?


Happy Dec 1st!

Posted on 2006.12.01 at 04:08
Hey everyone,

Haven't been here in ages - well, i've been reading everyone elses once a week or so but don't get around to posting myself. So, I'm done the last issue of the paper, just have to try and figure out why its not printing. We changed around the entire paper so it looks so much prettier, except for the front page I mangled.

Anyway, So.. i have my placement

Its in Dryden, which isnt all that bad. Vantage Studios in Winnipeg decided not to return my emails, which seems to be a regular occurance after I talked to Sarah Morrison a couple days ago and she told me that they did the same thing to her.

So, I will be at Northwest Design + Communication Ltd. They do www.ecohost.net and www.brochures.ca. Hopefully I'll get a nicely rounded out period of study with 32 hours per week minimum. Downside, its unpaid.

I can live with that, realising that if I was in Winnipeg It would be unpaid there aswell. Then I'd have to figure out how to survive. At least this way I can live in the comfort of home and not cook or clean.. much.

Anyway. I should be back in Dryden the evening of the 21'st.. best have hugs/kisses lined up bitches!


At Work

Posted on 2006.06.17 at 13:19
Well, here I am at work.

Some people would think it's crazy to drink a hot coffee in the middle of the day. What is it, 30+ outside?...

Not me, I have air conditioning. The coffee is actually warming me up, it's chilly in here.

Nice, short, saturdays.

I'm going to be going to the Drive-In to watch Xmen 3 tonight. I hope the bug's aren't going to be to bad (Oh, but they are, because it's been more humid here than a fat woman's nether-regions.)

Guess I'll have to bring some bug dope.

I've started working on my 3d tutorials. I wan't to get through the human anatomy one so I can start on the car one. Normally I would be thinking the opposite way around because I want to purely work with organic modelling, but I found blueprints to the chrysler 300. It will make a fine edition to my portfolio.... especially once I 'DUB' it out.

I got a new cell phone, while I'm in Dryden the number is 807 938 7055. If you need me, toss a call in my direction.

Peas n Cheese




Posted on 2006.06.14 at 23:11
Back by.. POPULAR demand, an update.

Another long day at work. It wouldn't be so bad if I had more to do, or if I didn't feel like I have to coax my manager into telling me what to do. Anyway.. bladiddity blah.

So, on to the slightly more amusing or interesting topics.

Going to the drive in this weekend, who else is going? Xmen 3. yes, yes?

Also, in upcoming news, i'm ditching Dryden for my birthday this year and going up to Thunder Bay. I'm planning to go pub crawling with a bunch of friends from school.

.. my car cd player is still pissing me off.

.. I have an amp for my car, but no subwoofers, or front speakers..

.. Martina's belly is the cutest beachball ever

.. I still can't rollerblade

.. I have been talking to all of my ex's more regularly than normal, which scares me a bit.

.. Sitting at Tim Hortons, THEN callin'g tim hortons to talk to the staff while they are working, and I can watch them, is much fun.

.. Modelling in 3d is a lot harder than others make it seem.


oh, and im going to sleep.

good night


Oooh, 2 Interviews!

Posted on 2006.05.08 at 01:32
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions of a very intimate and creepily personal nature. Or not so creepy/personal.
3. You WILL update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Interview #1, by Dan

1. What inspired you to go into the program your at in university?

2. One thing you wish I could have learnt to do in your youth you didn't?

3. One person you'd want to meet living or dead?

4. If you were stranded on an island certain you were going to die on it and landed with one other person, who would you want it to be?

5. Whats the one thing you hate most in this world?

Interview #2, by Laurel

1. If your life had a themesong, what would it be and why?

2. What are you gonna do after college?

3. Can you tell me anything interesting about your German heritage?

4. What, in your opinion, is the best song to have sex to?

5. What do you remember about the first time we met?

Read more...Collapse )


Schools Almost Done

Posted on 2006.04.30 at 21:44
I thought that being close to the end of school and all, it waranted a post.

I'll be back on the 14th or so, and probably looking for a job. I doubt I'll get any of the city jobs I applied for and ecohost.net has not contacted me back. I'm going to be so upset to leave Thunder Bay, I dont know why anymore. The past few weeks have been so great here that I'm almost regreting going back to Dryden but I know it's for my own good.

Not sure If I've ever mentioned it but I have been working for The Opus (Confederation College Student Union Newspaper) For several weeks now, Well, I did three issues, I guess thats just about two months. I love the job, and sad to let it go for the summer. On the bright side, I dont have to apply for the job when I come back next year, I get it automatically. I put almost 20 hours into this issue, we were really hurting for submissions and articles. I ended up writing the entire front page, aswell as taking the pictures for it. You'll probably be able to find it any the other ConCollege outlets, albiet a little later than when it comes out here (on the 4th).

I applied for residence for next year, I'm on a waiting list. Kinda frustrates me but I understand the reasons, I'll only be in Thunder Bay for one semester, they are going to wait to see if there will be any more full time students applying to residence to get the 'full amount', before letting in the part timers.

Residence bonus ++ the network. I think I just 'borrowed' a good few gigs of 'stuff' from it. Bringing my external hard drive up to 20 gigs of music, 18 gigs of movies, and 40 gigs of tv sitcoms and cartoons.

I'm going to be nerding it up this summer. Before I leave I am taking measurements of my residence room (they're all the same pretty well). I'm going to put those measurements into 3ds max and render out the room, then create all the stuff I want to bring to res and fit it all perfectly, so I know what will and wont fit.

My plan is to buy a futon, bring my 30 inch tv, hook it up to my computer, and buy a bar cabinet. Have a special alcoholic holiday every two weeks, before the bar.
(just a dream of mine)

I'm reconsidering my second semester placement in Winnipeg. Part of me wants to stick around Thunder Bay. I doubt it will happen, I want to get into 3d animation or modelling and I dont think theres any of that available around here.

Ciao for now,



Heres some of my stuff.

Posted on 2006.04.16 at 19:39
After seeing Catherines stuff I thought I'd grab a few pictures or screenshots of what I've been working on. Well, the photo's are from last years Color Theory assignment, taken with Color Slide film and digitally scanned. The others are renderings done in 3d studio max. Wish I had more time with that program.

Here are the picsCollapse )

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