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~* Kill Me Shining *~

High school girls, high school girls, 1,2,3 high school girls all for me!

6 September


I'm an artist, lover, friend, and a fighter ^_~
Doesn't mean we can't be friends though right? ^^
I'm shy, feisty, your best friend and your possible worst nightmare. I don't hold back and will say what's on my mind at any given moment.
I like making friends, though often I may appear cold......only because I'm shy ^^
I like wearing a buttload of clothes........I'm not a slut and I don't like guys flocking to me.....
I'm so. w00t. Phone Center girl at Home Depot....
I'm an RPer and chatter...
I have an online asobinakama (playmate) and a Nii-chan (little brother)
I'm a total dork and a tomboy.
But most of all, I'm just

Tohma is Love.

♥Yuki + Shuichi are Love.♥

The WeatherPixie