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Posted on 2009.06.17 at 03:26
UV tattooes look really impressive.


Recently an idea to make a tattoo has occupied my mind. But it's not an easy thing because it costs a lot and I'm afraid my family will be in a huge shock xD Because I want to do a huge black praying mantis on my back with its limbs on my shoulders. I bet it would look rather aggressive and people would freak out seeing it but I find it quite beautiful actually. I don't like tattooes with dolphins, birds or hearts and all that "beautiful" girly things, I think tattoo should reflect an owner. That's why when I read about praying mantis symbolism I suddenly saw it as a tattoo. Huge, black and scary :D But mantises are nice actually and they are symbols of wisdom, patience and creativity. And when I'm gonna do one I wish to underline it with UV inks. Crrreeepy :D

Ah, it's so good to dream and wish for something again like in old times. It makes you feel alive, isn't it.

Posted on 2009.06.15 at 23:18
It's funny the most influental musicians in my life were initially rejected by me. Long story to be short:Collapse )Keep up, Boy George! You are amazing! ❤❤❤

3 BG vidsCollapse )

Happy belated birthday, George!

How British Are You?

Posted on 2009.06.13 at 03:30
You Are 55% British
Congrats, mate. You're are probably British.
(If not, definitely Australian. Or Kiwi. Or Canadian.)

You enjoy most aspects of mainstream British culture, without being stereotypical about it.
You also have a typical British temperament. You wouldn't dream of being impolite.
How British Are You?

Haha, and I thought I was Russian :P

19 Boy George icons

Posted on 2009.06.02 at 15:04
Current Mood: highhigh
I did them for myself because I started to like him a lot but I thought I'd share ^_^

Do you really want to hurt meCollapse )

Don't forget to credit and no hotlinking, thanks!

Posted on 2009.05.25 at 13:44
Current Mood: infuriatedinfuriated
I wonder why my journal gets frequently added by suspicious persons that look like bots or trolls. They add about 1000 journals in their f-list and I see familiar names of my LJ friends there, plus these trolls never comment. Should I go friends-only again? This stuff makes me angry

Posted on 2009.04.30 at 19:13
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful
Last couple of years I've been really thinking about getting a motorcycle. I never drove a car in my life though we have couple in our family, and I never was actually interested in the cars. But idea of driving a bike ignites sparkles inside of me O_O There's certain sense of independence in it I guess, not just fancy looks. Cars are comfortable and big, bikes are little and agile, though they are vulnerable to accidents a lot more often. I've read a lot of information about bikes and safety and want to be prepaired. And actually there's a slight problem: I'm rather slim and tall and as a girl my weight isn't that big. I tried to gain extra kilos for several years but even if I succeeded a bit it didn't last for long. So I finally decided to do a little weight training. And it's actually amazing how it makes me feel. But OK, when I'll finally deal with my weight problem (hopefully next year) I plan to buy the bike. I dislike sport bikes and choppers are too heavy so I'm thinking about classic bike. Such as Triumph Bonneville.

Beside having a classic design this bike has a long history and truly can be defined as classics itself. It's not too heavy and good for a girl. But it's a bit too expensive for the first bike (~9000$). Everybody falls from their bikes and I woudn't like to have scratches on that beauty. So I was searching for a proper bike with proper weight to train and finally found one: Yamaha XV 400 Virago.

Actually, it's a chopper but it has light weight and a bit more classic design. Hell, its design rocks! Can't wait till I finally get one! :)

Posted on 2009.04.28 at 17:12
Current Mood: productiveproductive
I actually forgot I loved Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson years ago, he made me love wrestling :) I still buy WWE videogames. Remembering my old passion I couldn't resist making some icons, so here they are :D


Got interested? This way!Collapse )

Posted on 2009.04.26 at 22:36
I was wondering why LJ has such shitty layout colors for free accounts? No matter how good layout may be it's always spoiled by crappy color. And I couldn't find option to change it manually like before. Did they really delete it or I got blind?
I'm on a short hiatus right now since I'm working on a song. Sorry I cut off all contacts so unexpectedly but I decided I need some time alone to think. When I do many things like working on music and talking with people I get very distracted so I prefer to work without being interrupted.
I update so rarely here, don't know what to post about :/ Actually, there's one thing that bothers me: after accident with my arms I still experience pain from time to time. There's no particular reason for this, I mean I don't hit them or do some exhausting work, it just happens out of nowhere. I wonder if that's how it's supposed to be or I better visit a doctor. Funny thing is that doctor told me nothing after the accident, just that I was OK and what medicines I should take lol But it looks to me I had a bone fissure.

Deadly tired but still moving on

Posted on 2009.03.05 at 23:14
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Okay, a little promotion of new Hikaru Utada work in US - fresh video for "Come Back To Me". Both song and video are available on iTunes. The link for the video stolen from hikkie_chan and Ghostdog :)

Utada MySpace

Oh, and she befriended me on YouTube :D Yes, it's actually HER who's running her MySpace and YouTube accounts! :D


Posted on 2009.02.25 at 22:50
Current Mood: gigglygiggly
Famous Russian pop star Phillip Kirkorov gets frightened by a fan. Oh man, that reaction gave me a good laugh xDD Fan had more courage than Mr. Kirkorov himself lol xDD

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