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This is the journal of a technophilic, culinary-oriented, semi-kinky, 30-something gay male in the Detroit metro area. There's sometimes discussions about my classes (I'm in chef training), sometimes discussion about work (tech support for one of the "Big Three" automakers), sometimes talk about various aspects of sexuality, and sometimes just some pseudo-intellectual bullshitting. :-)

I tend to keep this journal Friends-Only, so if you'd like to opt-in, simply reply to this note, and we'll go from there. I also keep a seperate security group specifically for the postings of my recipes. let me know if you want in on that, too.

Caveat: If more than 80% of your LJ consists of memes like "What movie is your life" or "Which muppet should you have sex with" and the like, don't bother.

Have a great one.
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