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just bought a yaris...
New half- sleeve, bitches! Total of 7 hours on my right arm so far. Pictures shall come when I get off duty in a few hours.

hahahaha my dad hates my tattoo. xD he pulled the whole "your kids and grandparents are gonna ask about it!" i don't see how it's any worse than a batman tattoo, a star wars tattoo, or a calavera de azucar tattoo, though.

i think, while it's cool to get like, memorial tattoos and tattoos with deep meanings and stuff, they should also be fun. if i'm gonna decorate my body permanently, it's gonna be with fun stuff that makes me happy to look at and that reflects the kind of person i am. i'm geeky and nerdy, devoted to my husband, and i'm also pretty weird (loads of people have told me i'm weird even when i was trying extra hard to be normal and thought i was doing a good job of it).

and hey, guess what? i think that's exactly what my tattoos say.

so there, dad!
octopus thing

hurt like a biiiiiitch. it originally wasn't so crazily colored in the drawing i gave him, but he suggested the pink and the green, i let him run with it, and it turned out awesome. oh man, it still hurts.

Nov. 4th, 2008

voted todaaaaay... for mr. barack, of course. we'll be breaking out the wine soon, hopefully it will be a celebratory glass and not to drown our sorrows. i'm freaking nervous. the new president will be my and andrea's new big boss. xD pleeeease i hope enough people have the sense not to vote for mccain. i do not want to see his name in the chain of command.

also, doogie howser is the most adorable thing i've ever watched. and i'm only on the second episode.
the story of how john and i got together- or basically a really long post about how great john is.Collapse )

i don't know who's going to read that. i think i wrote it mostly for johnny, because in thirteen days i'm going to have to leave him for two months, and i want him to know that i love him. and i guess if anyone was curious about my internal struggle with the mad crush i had on john adams for like two years during high school, well, here you go.