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I wanna kill you now..

while I'm insane.
16 December
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I am too awesome for a bio..
13 ghosts, 2, 3, 4, 5, 50 first dates, 6, 7, 8, 9, a christmas story, ace ventura pet detective, ali, american pimp, analyse that, anchorman, anger management, animal, animal house, athf, austin powers 1, bad boys 1, barber shop, beethoven, benji, big daddy, billy madison, biodome, blondie, blood, blue oyster cult, butterfly effect, cabin fever, cable guy, caddy shack, casino, cheech 'n chong, chicken tenders, clerks, clueless, comedy central, coming to america, dirty work, dodgeball, donnie darko, dumb and dumber, dumbo, early november, edward scissor hands, escanaba in da moonlight, faces of death iv, falling down, family guy, fight club, finch, finding nemo, folly, food, free willy, friday, friday after next, friday the thirteenth, gangsta rap, goodfellas, greenday, ground hogs day, half baked, halloween 1, happy gilmore, hehe, hellogoodbye, home alone, hook, ice age, jaamonna, jackass the movie, joe dirt, king pin, liar liar, little nicky, lust, making love to jews, malibu's most wanted, mib, milo, mission to mars, money, monkey trouble, monster, music, my chemical romance, nerds, next friday, night at the roxbury, nightmare before christmas, nightmare on elm street, nine 2 five, nirvana, now and then, office space, old school, orange county, peter pan, pimpin', politics, psycho, rat race, recover, red dragon, remember the titans, resevoir dogs, road trip, rugby, rush hour 1, school of rock, scilence of the lambs, sealab 2021, sealab2021, senses fail, sexy parties, shrek, sixteen candles, smokey and the bandit, south park, spun, stand by me, stripes, sugarhill gang, surf ninjas, the 5th element, the big lebowski, the breakfast club, the cube, the hot chick, the mask, the never ending story, the ninja turtles, uncle buck, waterboy, weekend at bernies, welcome to the dollhouse, you got served, zoolander