Art Review + weekend

I was freaking out yesterday.
I had an art faculty review today, a history of architecture exam and a paper to write for honors.

Heh. Funny thing is, test was canceled for "technical difficulties", I still wrote the paper and I just came back from the art review.

Basically, the art faculty at FIU sits around your work and you have to say where you are as far as your work is concerned, a little bit about yourself, etc, etc. I was nervous initially, picturing in my head a dark room with a spotlight on me, talking to a sea of unidentifiable faces (typical movie interrogation). But, to my surprise, the art faculty was sitting around drinking coffee in a well lit room.

They said something along the lines of "we were excited to see your work".

I thought to myself: O____O;;; "Me...my work?" Followed by an excited...
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Funny thing is, they weren't supposed to give us any feedback until Thursday. SO... I'm guessing that's a good thing.

*thumbs up*

fallen angel

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I used Blake's brushwork, hence the craziness around the swirling people (which you can't really see that well in the picture). The black isn't that dark in real life either. Hmph, the flash makes this look weird.

*sporks camera*


I'll get it done and post a better picture later. D:

Newfound Inspiration

William Blake rules.

I'm doing a huge project in art now that we had to pick an artist, incorporate elements from this artist's artwork, include a portrait of the artist and represent ourselves somehow in the piece.

I picked William Blake, checked out an artbook from the library and I've been doing studies in my sketchbook for hours. He's so awesome/ interesting/ an awesome poet and artist.

/end crazy art spazz

Work in Progress

An update... well not really, just spamming my fruitless work
z0mg. Imageshack is t3h l33tz0rZ. Orz.
I take such bad photographs. Sorreh. ^^;

JK. I actually liked my progress today.
I did her kimono today in one shot. Though... I almost killed myself doing it. *__*
I had underpainted everything before, so today I did all of the shadows and light. My brush kept turning blue from someone who had used it before. *cries* It was funny trying to fix that. Running the brush to smooth out stuff also made the paint I applied today transparent so I had to spend a lot of time on that too. After all of that work... I really liked the end result, for once lol. :) Nonetheless, I still need to finish those flowers. Those damn flowers. /fsh

Hope you like ;_;