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07 December 2005 @ 09:33 pm
Something is wrong with LJ emailing system cos' i just received the notification replies to posts that was a month ago! Weird.

Nevertheless, we just got home from a three days two nights break at Aloha Loyang chalet. It was a family (sortof annual) gathering and after so many complaints and what nots, maybe it could be the last one we'll be having chalet gatherings like this.

I missed my internet for the past couple of days but at least i didn't miss my laptop. That's cos i brought my laptop to the chalet thinking that i can watch movies in our room. Turns out, no one brought vcds so i had nothing else to watch except for the videos that have been downloaded in my laptop which mainly consisted of Harry potter (rupert related) interviews and behind the scenes. Oh, and loads of Lilo too. *grins*

Even though it's been two days, the amount that news that i have missed out is tremendous that i almost spent more than an hour just trying to catch up on them. I didn't want to miss any cos' it's crucial that i keep up to date with the current celebrity gossip..keke....I'm the resident Kporter afterall. Hey...i've lost interest in becoming a reporter after seeing the image that reporters have after Rita Skeeter. Haha..nah....maybe reporting is just not my forte' and since they do require you to have a good command of english, that leaves me out then.

Digression. Anyway, the turnout for this years chalet was lukewarm, since it was on a working day and all, so not many people turned up. Nevetheless, that means more food for us..lol...we had a feast and i really pigged out on the barbeque night.

We had bonesteak (extra spicy but delish nonetheless), the barbeque norm food (chicken, hotdogs, fishballs..etc..),marcaroni goreng..yada yada yada. Me, being the glutton i am, had to try everything which resulted in terrible stomach aches in the middle of the night. Luckily the toilet there was comfortable enough for me to ahem-ahem.

My papparazzo fouthie managed to snap loads of pictures but the fool didn't remember to bring the charger, so after the first day, all we had was a dying camera which meant that we didn't get to snap any pictures the next day. Truthfully, the most that we did at the chalet was eat and sleep, which was pretty much basically what we do at home. I didn't even get a dip in the pool nor the sea, for i am, afterall, a vainpot and a vampire- the helluva sun-avoider. But i did manage to get a tan (in the face area), cos' i was in front of the bbq pit the whole night, laboring away for the people. But good thing is, i get first dips on the food....*grins* You can imagine how bloated i am..

Now im bored. Off i go to commenting on posts in the f-page....
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