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It's been too long...

I haven't been on here. I don't think anyone reads this journal anymore, but that's ok.

I was just looking for information for one of my old computers, and because I am a geek, I know I would have posted about getting my new comp and the specs,etc. Then I started reading all of these entries from my Freshman year of college.


So much has changed. I have changed a lot since then. My outlook on many things has changed, it's just so weird reading these entries - like they belong to another person.

I used to go through my whole day (as if anyone cared) and go into detail about things. I miss writing so much. I really need to get back into it, though.

I hate Tumblr, and I am sure LiveJournal is nearing it's death. I have only really been on there the past few years to update in communities and talk to people there. Maybe I'll get a paper journal, but physical writing hurts my hands and I can get more thoughts out and get them out more quickly when i type.

What. A. Dilemma.

I want to share what's been going on with me but no one reads this. Should I really be as narcissistic as to think that I will care in 10 years if I wrote what I did with my days? I shouldn't want to write for other people, but write for myself. I need to start doing things to benefit myself. I need to start doing everything for myself.I miss being so open and forthcoming. I have really shut myself off from a lot over the years.

I don't know what to do.

If you still come here. Hi! I'm glad to see you. Hell, I don't even really come here anymore.

But I miss the time in my life when updating my LJ was the most important thing ever. I miss when I had energy and gusto and inspiration to write - even when it revolved around mundane things.

I also need to start reading more. I feel like no longer being in Academia my IQ is slowly diminishing.

Anyway - I just wanted to stop by for a few. I hope to return soon, or else figure out another outlet for writing.

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I'm getting further and further apart from my family. Anymore I just consider them "people i have to put up with".

I'm not getting into details - but living here is killing me. Everyone is pissing me off. One of the things that hurts me the most is how blatantly distant everyone is. This isn't a fucking family. I have the way out now... I just have to figure everything out.

I hope they realize that when I leave, i'm GONE. I am not talking to anyone. No Christmas. No Thanksgiving. It's to that point. It sounds dramatic but i'm dead serious.

I need to pick a place, and find a job. I'm a little nervous about this part - but I'm hoping it'll work out.

Until next time. (I think this may be my first real-ish entry of 2012? good lord).

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the thing i'll probably NEVER get over in life is the fact that NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOU. I hate the fact that I do so much for everybody else, but I always get the short end of the stick. It's fucking stupid.
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Wow ok I'm actually going to try to update.

I've been busy with pool stuff. Not at the MAC, however. I am delightfully (right) employed at City Park Pool, Southwood Pool, and Southwood Slide in Parkersburg. After the first day I thought I had made a mistake about this summer. Things are getting better.

The whole job overall is stressful, but having to worry about 2 pools!?!? it's a lil much. It is getting better though.

I am home for now. My room is a MESS. I have never let it get this dirty. I have tomorrow and need to clean and put stuff away, STAT.
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Ok....this is going to make me look so stupid....BUT MY CAT IS NOT DEAD!!!!

I am so excited!!!

I bet you're thinking like "wtf?", and it's understandable. But my grandma called me at work around 2pm and said that the cat just showed up on the back porch and that she about had a heart attack. OUR CAT ISN'T DEAD! It was such a relief.

I feel kind of silly for mourning all morning...but still. Someone's cat did die. And still....I had to wake up at 8:30 this morning so that I could bury someone else's cat. I feel like I've been morbidly punk'd!