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oo1. What's your name? Leah
oo2. What are your parents' names? Pam and Dan
oo3. When were they married? duno
oo4. Are they still together? unfortuanetly
oo5. Any siblings? 2 step brothers
oo6. Names? Dan and Sam
oo7. When is your birthday? December 12
oo8. Do you live in an apartment, house or duplex? house.
oo9. Have you ever moved? yes
o1o. Where do you live now? Lighthouse Point, Fl

m. u. s. i. c.

o11. What CD's are in your player right now? lindsey lohan
o12. What types of music do you listen to? a lot of stuff
o13. What's your favorite song? dont have one currently
o14. What radio stations do you listen to? 103.5
o15. What CD do you want to buy as of now? i dont know
o16. What's the last CD you bought? rent soundtrack
o17. What was the last concert you went to? i have no idea it was a while ago
o18. What do you think of kelly osborne? shes ok
o19. What's your favorite musical? idk its a tie between rent and chicago
o2o. Do you enjoy christian rock? no

d. e. s. c. r. i. b. e.

o21. Your personality : i dunno ask one of my friends
o22. Your room :: white, has posters, and flowers
o23. Your mom :: asks alot of questions
o24. Your dad :: crazy
o25. Your bed :: comfy
o26. Your last dream :: i actually dont remember
o27. Your last conversation :: i belive it was matt
o28. Your outfit right now :: my skool shirt and sophies
o29. Your morning routine :: get up, go pee, get dressed, make up hair
o3o. What you see right now :: computer screen.

f. r. i. e. n. d. s
o31. Whose the friend you've known the longest? sam and ally
o32. Loudest? ugh idk
o33. Newest friend? Britni and Jackie
o34. Happiest? um katie i think
o35. Ditziest? ally
o36. Smartest? good question
o37. Shyest? sam
o38. Funniest? all of them, they all make me laugh
o39. Weirdest? ummm... all of them?
o4o. Nicest? hmm idk there all pretty nice
o41. Best advice giver? Sam
o42. Most outgoing? Brittany
o43. Goofiest? there all pretty goofy at some time
o44. Best dancer? idk
o45. Best singer? Katie
o46. Best dressed? i dunno
o47. Best memory? too many to remember
o49. Favorite friend's house? probally ally's or sam's

f. a. v. o. r. i. t. e. s..

o51. Number? 13
o52. Food? macaroni and cheese
o54. Class? english
o55. Month? December cuz thers xmas, my bday, new yrs adn we get 2 weeks off of skool
o56. Soda pop? idk
o57. Store? abercrombie and fitch
o58. Color? blue
o59. Animal? frogs
o6o. Snack? chex mix

e. n. t. e. r. t. a. i. n. m. e. n. t.

o61. Favorite movie? Troy
o62. Favorite actor? Orldando Bloom, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Jim Carrey
o63. Favorite actress? Reese Witherspoon
o64. Favorite TV show? The Real World
o65. Favorite disney movie? The Lion King
o66. Favorite cartoon? rugrats.. i think its so cute
o67. Favorite book? i dunno,, i dont rele read books to much
o68. Last show you saw? Mtv music
o69. Last movie you watched? Troy
o7o. Last movie you saw in the theatre? boggeyman

t.h. i. s. o. r. t. h. a. t.

o71. AOL // AIM :: AIM
o72. CD // Cassette :: CD
o73. DVD // VHS :: DVD
o74. New // Old :: old
o75. New age // Vintage :: both
o76. Day // Night :: both
o77. Jeans // Skirt :: either or doesnt matter
o78. Summer // Winter :: summer
o79. Britney // Christina :: Christina
o8o. Alcohol // Weed :: alcohol

l. o. v. e. l. i. f. e.

o81. Boyfriend / Girlfriend? nope, IM SINGLE BIATCHES!!
o82. Longest REAL relationship? it was like 9 or 8 months
o83. Shortest relationship? barley a day
o84. Farthest you've gone? umm.. thats a lil 2 personal
o85. First love? first love id say was Ryan
o86. Last person you dated? Joey
o87. Last person you kissed? Joey
o88. Last person you hugged? James
o89. Age at first kiss? 14
o9o. Age at your last kiss? 15

r. i. g. h. t. n. o. w.

o91. What are you doing? this...
o92. What are you listening to? the sound my fan is making
o94. What are you thinking about? umm.. sum certain people...
o95. What are you tasting? nothing
o96. What do you smell? nothing
o97. What is black in the room you are in? umm nothing rele except one of my pillows and my makeup case
o98. What time is it now? 11:03
o99. How long did this take you? 20 minutes

my weekend

I already wrote about friday so i'll just tell you about saterday and sunday

SATERDAY: i got up around 7ish played w/ my dogs 4 a lil and than took a shower.. than me and my mom went 2 dandee donuts 4 breakfast and saw joana, peter, and carolena.. than we went 2 a store called peter glen to get sum stuff 4 new york.. i got boots, socks, a sweeter, and sun glasses!! Then we headed to Miami to go see my dad!! uncle neal and dia mouda just happend to be there so we all went up 2gether.. he looks good but his whole stomach is stiched together.. i felt rele bad.. so neways.. after we vistited him we went out 4 lunch!! my mom wanted to get sumthing 4 her car so we stoped @ the porche place after that.. and than we went 2 see Man Of The House w/ william, blake and ms. bodenhamer.. @ around 6 my mom and me went 2 the bodenhamer's house and picked them up.. than we went 2 franks and meet helen,gus, joana, and peter there!! it was rele fun!! hah i stole blake's ipod and it was great.. than after we went 2 hidi's 4 ice cream.. it was rele yummy!!


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karma- alicia keys

woot!! its friday!! <3.. im so excited only 3 days left till NYC!! yayz!.. neways.. today was an eventfull day i guess.. nothing that exciting happpend besides during history and after sKo0l!.. during history spinner scared blake and it was halarious but his scream was delayed 4 like a min. and than after skool.. bitman picked up spencer and twirled him around and both his shoes came off.. we stole on of his shoes and didn't give it bak till we had 2 go 2 the bus.. hah it was lotz of fun.. well neways im gonna miss everyone when i go 2 new york but i'll see ya guys when i get bak.. xox <3


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nothing much is happening this week b/c interms on friday woot!! NYC!!

B4 SKOOL: hung out w/ ally, britni and franni

PE: watched 2 presentations and chilled

STUDY + talked to zack.. he wrote i love leah on my paper.. and he bite me!! it hurt so much

HISTORY: umm we were suposed 2 watch a movie but i wasn't rele paying attention.. hah i kept bugging brett cuz my hair was on his desk.. hah

IN BETWEEN HISTORY AND SPANISH: omg it was so funny.. spinner was going 2 hit brett w/ his book but instead he kicked him in the spot that hurts!! lmao it was so funny!!

SPANISHgot all our tests and quizes back

LUNCH:omg it was so funny nicole made this fish face mask so she was scaring ppl w/i.. well kinda lolz

MATH: i t0ok 2 quizes

ENGLISH: worked on my rough draft

BIO:watched ppl present their projects..

AFTER SKOOL: i hung out w/ ally, brit, garcia, and nicole.. we all went 2 darling.. and than spener came so when we went he followed us so we got sum food and headed to the softball field to watch britt's game.. hah i stole spencer's twislers too!! hah srry specner.. so once brit left me and jackie hung out and than saw raye.. so all of us chilled and @ her french fries and chicken till the meeting started.. after the meeting started me and my mom met joana and everyone frome her work at Micanos ( i spelled that wrong) its a resterant/club.. it was awesome


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