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Smiling in a darkened room…

You can't start a fire without a spark

25 May
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[x]I'm 5' 7".

[x]My hair is very long and dark brown.

[x]My eyes are brown and usually lined with kohl.

[x]I have a tiny tan at the moment.

[x]My waistline could be smaller...

[x]I like to think I'm witty.

[x]I'm probably not.

[x]I like...

[x]Coconut + pineapple smoothies.


[x]Listening to Michael Jackson.


[x]Pretending to be a ned.



[x]Taking random pictures.



[x]Wandering round art shops.

[x]Big Brother.


[x]Rain + sunshine at the same time.

[x]JayBourne <3.

[x]Talking bollocks on msn.

[x]Green Day.


[x]Buying little things that amuse me.



[x]Going to Cathouse.

[x]Listening to music at two in the morning.

I don't know many people with this... so if you know me, or want to know me, just click add ;)

Jaybourne is Love