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kiss on the lips

kiss kiss luv ya

f a r a h
25 April

i'm crazy girl who loves the boys. beauty queen of only fourteen. prep. vintage. labeler. shopaholic. starbucks addict. gossip. high fashion. party hopper. perfectionist. flirtatious. insecure. happy. loves vacationing. pink. pearls. polos. beauty. couture. missoni & valentino. pink.

Armani who art in Hermes,
Hallowed be thy Gucci.
Thy Cartier watch, Thy Prada bag,
On Rodeo, As it is in Tiffany's.
Give us this day our Visa Titanium
And forgive us our overdraft,
As we forgive those who decline our Mastercard.
Lead us not into JCPenny, And deliver us from Sears.
For thine is the Chanel, the Gaultier,
and the Versace,
For Dolce and Gabanna....

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