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To the moors!

home for the bewildered

Muchas Smooches
alex skarsgård idris elba walk-off, at dawn, band of brothers, barry's gold blend tea, borgen, call the midwife, chic winter coats, coach and principal taylor, coffee ice-cream, cookbooks for dinner, deerhunter, des bishop, dr. mindy lahiri, dylan moran stand up, fanfic, fashion, feminism, flippy ships, fountain in a love-in-tokyo, gilmore girls, homeland, irish rugby, jimmy gone mia, john connor is a metal lovah, justified, kaitlin cooper, kathleen edwards, kristin cashore ya, la meglio gioventu, language, logan echolls, margaret/thornton, mary crawley, my lovely horse, nail polish, nomi and ray nickel, notorious, officer debra fuckin' morgan, old harrison ford movies, omar comin', oscar the sandwich turtle, pan's labyrinth, parks and rec, perfume, pixies, possession: a romance, regency romance, reggie chase: force of nature, robert poste's child, robyn, rodrigo y gabriela, roy keane school of diplomacy, so pop i'm indie, sunday morning coming down, the awesome wife, the big sleep, the intimacy of radio, the king of attolia, the wire, the dan and blair show, tit envy, veronica mars, wide sargasso sea, you & me