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KIOSK SYD/BRIS/MELB [Nov. 14th, 2006|10:52 am]
Hey everyone,

THIS FRIDAY 17th of november we are playing with erase errata at spectrum, we are on first.

on SUNDAY the 26th of november
we are playing at the Powerhouse in Brisbane 4 ladyfest
with Partyline (USA) Good God, and Del Toro
it is our first show in Bris since, well, forever and it's the only show we're doing.

on WEDNESDAY the 29th of november
we are playing at the Tote in Melbourne
with Partyline (USA), Love of diagrams, always and baseball
this is also our only melbourne show, and our first one since MAY, yikes, it starts 7pm

and also we are playing in SYDNEY on the 15th of december at spectrum with Partyline and Naked on the Vague