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THANKYOU [May. 21st, 2006|05:40 pm]
Last nights show in Sydney was amazing!! Thankyou everyone for coming to support!!
A huge thankyou to the incredible bands who played ; naked on the vague (a total force to be reckoned with), Say Cheese and die (amazing) and macromantics (inspiring)
It was such a positive show and it was incredibe to see so many people coming out in Sydney to support bands who play music for themselves and who in turn create some of the most interesting stuff in our local scene at the moment. We were so honoured to have them play last night!!

A huge thankyou to The Crayon Fields and Fabulous Diamonds for their support at the melbourne show which was also amazing!! They are two beautiful bands and we are so lucky to have such great friends. Thankyou to everyone in Melbourne who came to support.

A huge thankyou to Michael, for all his undying help with everything! We love you!
And the one and only Gary for his constant support. Where would we be without Gary??

We are going to the USA in less than two weeks. Our dates are all up on the myspace page. If you wanna give us a place to stay, take us dancing (or swimming somewhere) and feed us..we would love it. Tell all yr friends about our shows and come party!!! We will have cds and tapes and 7" and shirts on sale for the tour!

lots and lots and lots of love